Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Power of Appreciation

The Numerology of Jimi Hendrix

Some say that mathematics is the most pure language. Now, I'm not really 'into' numerology and confess to not knowing very much about it, but this morning I read this article on a 'prophecy' blog about Jimmy Hendrix which has some astounding numerology pertaining to his life, death and (seemingly) self fufilling prophecies in his music (article below). It's fairly astounding.

As a guitar player myself and one who grew up in the sixties, I was profoundly influenced by Jimi Hendrix. And as the years have passed since his death, it is only all the more obvious to me that he was either a 'walk-in' or simply was a ripe and receptive recipient of a HUGE download from 'the other side', higher dimensions of reality, whatever because of his almost instantaneous transformation from a run-of-the-mill R&B session guy to one who actually created a whole brand new, never been heard before type of music.

I have studied Jimi's playing style, since first hearing 'Little Wing' in 1968, and was awed from the beginning of the sheer musicality and brilliant creativity that was inherent in not only the innovative sounds and textures of his music, but the subtle 'space' between the notes and the 'feel' of what he was doing. Although there came many after him to emulate his style, what he did was totally new at the time. Nobody had even conceived of playing the way he did.

Although overdriven amps to create distortion were just being discovered in the mid sixties (The Beatles, "I Feel Fine" I think was the first actual recording to feature it, and that was an accident that they happened to like how it sounded), Hendrix actually took that sound beyond any conceptions anyone else had about it. He was a genius and a pioneer that this world has not seen since, in the world of music (Thats not to discount the scores of VERY creative musical masters since!) It's just that Hendrix created what he did out of nothing. There was no one doing it the way he did it. And for Hendrix, I always felt there was a very deep spirituality in him. It came out always in the music itself, but also in the lyrics, which were very often other worldly and metaphysical.

I always felt the sixties in general was a time period where our culture received a HUGE DOWNLOAD of creativity. The evidence is right there in the music... in the incredible diversity and variety of new musical styles that evolved almost simultaneously. And the free flowing creativity and expanded consciousness extended into every facet of life. Certainly, in the world of music, we havenot exprienced anything near it's proportions before or since. It was probably 'triggered' by the consciousness-expanding hallucinogins, still there was an incredible variety of expression in the arts that has not been seen since that time period. It seem to just explode into our collective consciousness for a few years and then seemed to fade out in the early seventies. Or perhaps it just got diverted into more 'controllable' avenues by the powers that be.

I realize some younger readers may not agree with me, but I don't hear very much of anything really NEW since that time period. There's lots of copies, with a particular individual flair, but NOTHING that was of such a total paradigm-shifting substance as what occured in the 1960's. And there was no musician that broke through those boundaries further or more dramtically than Hendrix.

So, it was with great interest that I read this article, which shows remarkable number synchronicity in both his birth and death. What it actually means is open to discussion. The author's conclusions are interesting, and if Jimi is indeed a ten year boy living in Chile today, what he is doing would be of great interest to me. –Jack Crompton

Here's the article:



Jimi Hendrix was born on November 27, 1942 (1+1+2+7+1+9+4+2=27).

He lived 27 years, and died on 9/18/(9+18=27) 1970.

Hendrix' most famous act was when he played at Woodstock, 1969
(69= peace).

Now note for a minute that Jimi Hendrix had a song titled, "If 6 was 9"

It is also worth noting, that if you counted 27 years from 1969 (remember, now, Jimi died at 27; was born on the 27th) you would reach 1996 (if 6 was 9? 96=chaos?)

If you were to mark a halfway point inbetween 1969 and 1996 you would get somewhere within the year of 1983 (Jimi Hendrix has a song called "1983, A merman I turn to be" and in this song, Jimi speaks of rebirth)
6x9 = 54; and fifty-four years after Hendrix was born is the year 1996.
54 = 27 doubled, the digits sum to 9 also.
11/1996 (1+1+1+9+9+6 = 27)

November 17, 1996, a plutonium-powered satellite probe "Mars 96" fell from the sky and at first was said to have crashed into the ocean west of Chile, but was then later figured to have landed in Chile itself. (fourth line of "If 6 was a 9" says 'IF THE MOUNTAINS FELL IN THE SEA'" Now I know the mountains didn't fall into the sea there, but Chile is a mountain range and it still did refer to the water and the mountains, as well as falling-- a bit strange? (an omen?)

Back to the matter of Chile; Jimi Hendrix has a song called, "Voodoo Chile" in which he sings of being reborn to a fire-red moon. I had always wondered why the song was spelled Voodoo Chile with an e rather than a d (when he even sings it as Child)... In Voodoo Chile, Hendrix also says "I make love to you in your sleep, and the Lord knows you feel no pain". Doesn't this seem to be referring to the Immaculate Conception of the Christ?

It's interesting to know that Chile's second largest city is called Concepcion, Chile. Isn't reading the name of that city reminiscent of Child Conception (Concepcion, Chile)? Especially when a song that refers to the Immaculate Conception uses Chile in place of child?
Also, the Longitude of Concepcion, Chile is 69 degrees, 27 minutes S (No lie, look it up, kids!)

And Chile announced its independence from Spain on September 18 (9/18-- Jimi's deathdate), 1810.

The Immaculate Conception was solemnly defined as a dogma by Pope Pius IX in his constitution Ineffabilis Deus, published December 8, 1854 (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception), and then completely consecrated (set apart) by Pope Pius XII in 1942 (The Year of Hendrix' birth).

Now get this, on the day of November 27th (Jimi's birthday), 1996, Catholic Church head Pope John Paul II officially declared Mary the "Mother of God". ("The Wind Cries Mary" - Jimi Hendrix)
Concepcion, Chile. Conception Child.

According to Wikipedia's article on Voodoo, its Haitian branch used to hide and pass its religion off as Roman Catholicism, which is the indigenous religion of Chile. I must also add that Haitian voodoo (vodou) services begin with a series of Catholic prayers and songs. According to a few info sources, voodoo began in Africa, but then spread to the Caribbean-- which went to the extent of South America, Brazil or so.

Also, there is a kind of sequel to the song called "Voodoo Child (Slight Return)" so that also made me wonder why the first was not spelled the same way. In Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Hendrix highlights, "Standin' next to a mountain, I chop it down with the edge of my hand" Chile = mountain.

Another remarkable thing about this, is although Hendrix had no particular reformed religion, he was obsessed with numerology, and believed in reincarnation as well.

The Liturgical year in the Eastern Orthodox Church is characterized by alternating fasts and feasts, and is in many ways similar to the Roman Catholic year, but is traditionally held to begin on September 1, not on the first Sunday of Advent. It includes the 12 Great Feasts, plus Pascha (Their Easter) itself, the Feast of Feasts. These feasts generally mark various significant events in the lives of Jesus Christ and of the Virgin Mary.

Roughly 9 months after the probe crash, (give or take a few days, as if it were childbirth) there was a partial solar eclipse from Aug. 31-Sep. 1 that was over the Southern Hemisphere, Chile being included in the area below the eclipse. ("The night I was born, Lord, I swear the moon turned a fire red" - lyrics from Voodoo Chile)

And now I dare say it, (as you may have guessed what I may now disclose):Could it be that the greatest guitar player known to man has been reincarnated and is now a ten year old boy or girl living in South America? and on top of that, could Hendrix have prophecized his own rebirth?


11/27/1942 = Jimi Hendrix' full birthdate.
1+1+2+7+1+9+4+2 = 27, the age of which he died.
9/18/1970 = Hendrix' full deathdate, 9+18 = 27
He was born on the 27th, 2+7 = 9
He died on the 18th, 1+8 = 9
69 = harmony, yin yang: face eachother in agreement. Woodstock, peace, love
96 = chaos, yin and yang oppose eachother in disagreement, war

96 - 69 = 27

96 x 69 = 6624, 6+6+2+4 = 18 (there are a lot of 18s-- 9,18,27-- and of course those digits add to 9 as well)
6x9 = 54; which is 27 doubled
54 = Fifty four years after Hendrix was born is the year 1996. in 54, the digits sum to 9.

Hendrix birth = 11/27
11x27 = 297; 2+9+7 = 18
297x2 = 594; 5+9+4 = 18
594x2 = 1188; 1+1+8+8 = 18
Hendrix death = 9/18; 9x18 = 162; 1+6+2 = 9
162x2 = 324; 3+2+4 = 9
324x2 = 648; 6+4+8 = 18
648x2 = 1296; 1+2+9+6 = 18

So, you tell me...
what is the statistical chance of all this synchronization and confluence
of numbers being a random coincidence?

Friday, October 27, 2006

On the Passage of Time

I recently had the occasion to travel back to the place of my roots – Cape Cod, Massachusetts for a week in celebration of my son's wedding. I have been living in Arizona now for over eleven years, and this was my first trip back to the Cape in over seven years. My visit was wonderful in every respect, and I reconnected with family members and many old friends and acquaintances, many of whom I have not seen in fifteen or twenty years.

I met several friends of my own kids– whom last time I saw them were very small children, and now standing before me are grown men and women... a doctor, a lawyer, an entrepreneur, a beautiful lady, etc. It's a bit of a shock and reality check. The external changes are dramatic from the age of say five to twenty-five. For adults, the changes are more subtle, yet can be just as marked.

It's interesting... I can't quite fully appreciate the fact that I have changed and aged quite a bit too. From doing some quick math on the date of birth on my drivers license it would appear I"m 52 years old. Somehow, I just can't relate to that! I feel to myself like I've always felt. I'm me! Jack. Yet, to one observing my life from another viewpoint, I probably evidence a great deal of change both internally and externally. But I think to ourselves, these changes are transparent, because we live with ourselves every day. We're on the inside, looking out. But now that I look at the wedding photos and see images of myself, it is like I am looking at somebody else. Kinda weird.

I reunited with old family and extended family members that I had not seen in a very long time and was quite struck by the fact that some have changed so much, and others apparently very little. Indeed, some I did not recognize on first meeting at all! – that is how much they're outside persona had changed. They were like different people altogether. I saw people whom I once was close friends with and shared a common rapport or 'vibration' with, only to now silently acknowledge that things are not the same as they used to be. And I met with other old friends that surprised me with how much the vibrational interaction between us is the same as it always had been, or better.

As I met and talked to these people who all made up a large portion of my life, I was filled with many feelings, that are no so easy to define. It was both a strange and wonderful experience, this seeing the evidence of the passage of time written into people's faces. As I would look into each person's eyes, the details of various experiences that we shared long ago would flood back into my waking, conscious memory. So many memories, yet they were all present in a single moment, as if frozen in time forever.

As I processed my unusual emotions during those days I realized just how eternal life really is, and how nothing ever is lost. Every experience we have lives on for eternity, for it actually becomes part of who we are. I'm very thankful for that.

Over the years, we all change at different rates of speed. Some age on the outside quicker than others. Some mature on the inside radically, while others very much are the exact same person they were long ago. But I noticed, even in those that showed the most external and internal changes, there remained a core of 'who they are' that did not change at all... a soul signature, if you will. This is the thing I find most beautiful about people. We each have a very unique imprint on the world.

I think there is something for us to learn from the passage of time... something important to notice. I was struck very deeply with a kind of wondrous nostalgia and awe at the nature of life, of change... of growth and the very things that make us unique, individual beings. I think more than anything, I was struck with how precious it is, this experience of being in our bodies, and to take part in the magical play of life with all of it's stories and drama, both the good times and the difficult times.

The mystics say life is but a dream and we are all here for but a fleeting moment. Time, they say, does not exist in the ultimate reality... it is but a construct for consciousness to gain knowing through experience. Perhaps.

I conclude that the definition of life is simply the present moment. I like things simple. Yet all the present moments that came before (our past), are also contributing to what this one is and who we are in this instant... just as who we are right now is contributing to who we will be tomorrow. As each of us integrates the experiences of our lives and modifies our intentions and actions in the present, we direct the course of our lives.

We can never hold on to anything, I'm realizing. We have to just let go of all of it. The present moment comes, and it is gone in an instant. And so it is with all experiences of life: love, hate, joy, sadness, etc... we can't hold onto any of it. It's simply there for our experience. And once experienced, becomes part of us, somehow making us more expanded than we were before.

I'm alive. I'm content. I'm here, now. And I love life. Taken altogether, I just so appreciate it all.