Thursday, February 24, 2005

Beyond The Veil


I have no idea of exactly what I will write here, and no guarantee that it will make any sense. I do not purport to know THE TRUTH, nor do I seek to force these ideas on others. They are simply offered for consideration and food for thought to those that may have interest. I am a child myself, attempting to make sense amidst both the beauty and chaos I find myself in. This is simply an expression of my understanding at this particular moment, and it may totally change in the next. So, kindly take it as such, and draw your own conclusions. Enjoy the ride.

Namaste –
Jack Crompton
February, 2005

This book is dedicated to an angel sent into my life to show me what love really is: my daughter Carrie Ann Crompton.


The information contained in these pages are things I've absorbed from many teachers, both directly and indirectly, through personal interaction and the written word, as well as what my own life experience has taught me. These people include: Philip Béna, Daniel Pietroniro, 'Angelo-the Janitor', Sanaya Roman, Greg Braden, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, Ken Carey, Robert Monroe, Stuart Wilde, David Icke, Drunvalo, Va Valerian, Harry Palmer, Ray Dudley, Brenda Ellis Suaro, Dan Millman, Len Satov, Ramtha, Janet and Stewart Swerdlow, Enocha Ranjita, and many others --- you know who you are.

This writing is offered in the spirit of assisting a global paradigm shift towards a world that is more benevolent, more respectful and honoring of all living things. A world that values peace, love and truth. A world that honors the interconnectivity of life and the One Spirit that animates all life everywhere. We are all in this together.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This work is protected by copyright law. Limited permission is granted to copy and share this work with your own personal contacts, providing that it be passed on in it's entirety and nothing be omitted or changed. Any commercial use or distribution is prohibited without consent of the author.

Preface: How I got here.

A Short Personal History.

A broader, more holistic perspective of life has emerged within me over the last 15 years that now wants to be expressed, having been incubating for some time. Perhaps I am just expressing this for myself only, for some clarity and resolution in my own mind. I don’t know. But I also hope that by the conclusion of this exercise that others might find something of value in what follows.

As I write this, I am fifty years old. Since I was as young as I can remember, I have had an intuitive awareness of Spirit, or what most of us would call ‘God’. But this awareness was rather undefined and vague. The only exposure I had to ideas about God was in a ‘social’ oriented protestant church where the saturday bake sale and upcoming Christmas pageant were the prime order of importance. Now, I like cookies and cake and all that, but I found the whole church environment supremely boring and uninteresting. It felt dead and lifeless.

Nowhere Man

Interestingly, the ONLY church experience that I can remember that really spoke to me positively was one Sunday when I was about 11 years old, we had a visiting minister come speak at our church. The theme of his sermon that day was on the lyrics to the Beatles song, popular at that time: ‘Nowhere Man’. In examining the lyrics to that song, the new minister pointed out the truth that my generation could relate to: the fact that there is something essential missing from the present consensus reality of life that was very important, that we had become like blind rats running around on a treadmill, going nowhere. But also that the world is truly 'at your command'. (an idea that I would not come to fully appreciate until over 35 years later). Like many other examples of music in the sixties, it was a powerful spiritual download of truth, and it planted a seed deep in my subconscious mind.

As is usually the case, parents miss what children see clearly. On the ride home, for the very first time I was excited about what I heard because it resonated as TRUE inside me. It pointed to something BIG and REAL. And I desired to discuss it with mom and dad. But my zeal was cut short that day as they said to each other how they thought today's sermon was just terrible and how they hoped he didn’t come back to do any more nonsensical sermons! I mean no disrespect —my folks are good people and well meaning, but they just didn't ‘get it’. I knew I was alone as I rode home in silence.


However, shortly before my 18th birthday, attending art school in Sarasota, Florida, things dramatically changed in one day. I was feeling restless in my spirit and I was longing to make sense out of the world. And, I was feeling very alone. In a moment of authentic sincerity, alone in my dorm room, I prayed and opened my heart to know ‘God’...this Spirit... this prime essence that I desired a greater connection with. I remember saying ‘God, if you are there and you are real, then please reveal yourself to me.” It was a moment of humble innocence. I now can see that in that moment I did indeed lay everything down, and became as a child. I was open and receptive.

What happened next is hard to put in words, but my genuine, humble request was answered profoundly: I was filled with the most incredible experience of pure LOVE that cannot adequately be described with words. Tears flowed in my solitude, and I was filled with an orgasmic energy in every cell of my body that gave me goose-bumps, only it was not sexual. I knew that I knew... but I didn't know what I knew! But in that moment, it didn’t matter, for I had found my true home and the sense of belonging to something much greater than my little ego was the most gratifying feeling I think I had ever felt.

My Christian Years

I felt an immediate need to put a label on this experience. And I found one in Jesus Christ. I began reading the gospel of John that a friend gave me. From the beginning, I resonated strongly with the character of Jesus, and felt there was something TRUE in who he was. I observed through my reading that the things he said and the things he did ran directly contrary to the culture and world system he lived in. His teachings, such as “love your enemies”, and “do good to those that harm you”, possessed a brilliance of paradoxical logic that transcended the ‘world’ that operated by force, control by subjugation and exploitation. I loved his 'less is more' style of interaction. He commanded great power, yet he used it with restraint. And taught by living example. I saw him to be a true revolutionary who upset the ‘status-quo’ of his time. Something inside of me leapt for joy in validation and acknowledgment of the truth I saw exemplified in the character of who he was.

The View of Separation

My subsequent years as a young man were spent studying the bible and exploring various forms of Christianity. I got married and began a family. I was taught that man was separated from an external ‘god’. And that in order to be acceptable to ‘him’, I had to accept the gift of his Son’s death for me as atonement for being a fallible human and I was also to believe the bible without question because it was ‘God’s Word’ and therefore infallible. Being as wide open and as ‘teachable’ as I was, and tender in my heart, I accepted all this as the truth, and endeavored to live my life in obedience to do what I thought God wanted me to do to the best of my ability.
From the beginning, the impression of an infinite God, out of love, laying down his life for me, a 'nowhere man', was the most beautiful and powerful concept I had ever encountered. I was indeed humbled: I was very aware of my own ‘sins’, limitations, and self-serving nature. It wasn't hard for me to be convinced I was a miserable sinner.

Assisted by those powerful techniques of fear and guilt, (the domains of darkness),
I bought into this belief system with my whole heart, and embraced my new found saviour with uncompromising zeal. My faith was total and authentic. I was forgiven by the Great Judge of all! I had been ‘born again’.

A Splinter in the Mind

After several years, I became ultimately frustrated, disillusioned, and, well... simply bored! I knew that what I experienced at age 18 was REAL, yet my gut instinct told me there was something very wrong with this dogmatic way of interpreting life in the Christian world. Contradictions, limitations and the ridiculous display of egos became increasingly hard to ignore. I noticed how Christian theologians, beginning with St. Paul took the essence of who Christ was (love) and what he taught (freedom) and codified it, regulated it, bound it up in a neat little packages, and distributed it for mass consumption. They took what is definitionless and infinite, and defined it, put boundaries and rules around it and confined it to a book! And of course, they prescribed eternal judgment for anyone rejecting their version of ‘the truth’, or even questioning it.

Most importantly, I noticed how fear was often used as the prime tool of manipulation in the churches... a technique to harness the consciousness of people from thinking for themselves and exploring beyond the boundaries of the ‘status quo’ in a highly effective effort to keep them ‘in the fold’. This was a subtle key that later would unlock the prison door for me.

While I knew first-hand the power contained in the scriptures, I also intuitively felt that there was something not quite right with this deification of a book, the Bible. After all, words are just symbols that point to something real, they are not the real thing itself. Only experience is real. Everything else is just information... mind stuff. Christians are told to blindly believe this book as infallible, the Living Word but yet they argued endlessly among themselves on points of dogma. Who was right and who was wrong? And each group pridefully proclaimed themselves to be ‘right’. Each different church I was involved with felt they had a unique corner on the truth and promulgated their own version of ‘the truth’ with unbridled evangelism. In essence this was pure elitism: “We are saved and correct, and you are not and damned. Here. the Bible say so!”

I also began to notice that the writers of the Bible attributed very human characteristics to their ‘god’, and rather undesirable ones at that, like vengeance, judgment, anger, jealousy, homophobia, and an extremely violent nature. In short, I really could not pretend that the god described in the old testament (and parts of the new) was nobody I'd really like to get to know!
The more I pondered these things, the more I could not ignore the obvious, and the more uncomfortable I became with my own state of being. I couldn’t pretend that I my perceptions were not what they were. I felt like I was living a lie and not being honest with myself when I would sit in church.

Ultimately, the fallacy of the inerrancy of the Bible would become completely clear to me years later when I decided to look into exactly how the present Christian bible was assembled by Constantine and the Council of Nicea. I found out the current bible that is hailed as the Word of God by Christians was primarily politically conceived. Indeed, this new religion was a manipulated blend of Judaism and Paganism going back to ancient Egypt and mixed into a new concoction incorporating the more recent powerful impact of the life of Jesus Christ which had spread as a grass roots movement among the common people. When the Council of Nicea composed the books of the bible, many of the accounts of the life and teachings of Jesus were edited out, as they spoke of individual empowerment and ‘God within’. This new religion was to be a control mechanism, not something that would free people! Yet, they had to include enough ‘real stuff’ (truly inspired scripture) to attract people who have an inborn resonance with divine truth.

So, what we have as today’s bible is hardly infallible divinely inspired messages, but a highly CENSORED text that was based on some divinely inspired messages. It was a total dark side move, mixing truth with falsehood. Soon afterwards this became the new official religion of the Roman Empire and a very effective tool of political control and subjugation of the masses. Over the years, it has continued to serve this purpose.

I also observed a phenomena common to any assembly of people in human society:
It was the strongest egos that surfaced in the positions of leadership and control. It was those who had an obsessive desire for attention and control, or who felt special and chosen that gravitated to these positions of authority. As I observed this happen over and over, I intuitively felt this was the opposite of the Spirit that was of and in Christ. Something was dreadfully wrong with this picture.

So, after more than 12 years ‘on the path’, I became quite disillusioned with the whole trip. Despite heavy programming, deep inside of me, this all spelled B-U-L-L-S-H-I-T. The worse realization was that religion had constructed a mental prison for people. Every Christian that I knew, although well-meaning, good-hearted people, had a box around their intellects that says ‘BIBLE’... and a powerful filter it is! I felt sorry for humanity. It became obvious to me that we just can’t help distort and corrupt even the most pure and precious gifts sent into this world for healing and liberation.

Falling Away / Breaking Free

By the late 1980’s, and the time of the Jim Baker and Jimmy Swaggart scandals I was embarrassed to call myself a Christian, not because of Christ, as I could never deny the authenticity of my own prayer experience when I was 18, but because of the idiotic and incongruent behavior of those teaching and following him. And privately, my own hypocrisy stared me in the face: I really didn’t know what I believed anymore.

I struggled for years battling this inner conflict of having experienced something pure and true, but yet also living with a growing awareness that perceived there was so much more to the picture. Through my experience with Christ I had a taste of what was real but that ‘reality’ seemed to get completely snuffed out in the context of church and religion. It got covered over with so many lies and distortions of men that I couldn't trust that path anymore. My soul was aching for growth, and my life had to change in order to do that. Even though I had begun to experience some measure of success in regard to home, family, material things and career, I was fundamentally unhappy.

Like the 1999 film ‘The Matrix’ so eloquently described as a ‘splinter in the mind’, I knew I was missing something important but I didn't know what it was. This ‘in between’ space was a very uncomfortable place to exist in. After years of this drought, I finally shrugged off the guilt trip and found the courage to walk away... both from my beliefs and a marriage that had evolved into mutual unhappiness and disconnection, (despite 3 wonderful children.) This was an excruciatingly difficult thing to do for obvious reasons, and it literally tore my heart and soul apart, for I loved my family dearly. Yet, a compelling peace called to me from beneath the turmoil. Through the darkness, this still voice that pulled on my intuition was the closest thing to hope that I could hold on to. I now can see that I suffered spiritual atrophy, and that Spirit was allowing me this inner turmoil and emotional pain in order to motivate me to change my life in the direction of seeking a truer, more authentic way of being.

Crossing the Bridge

Some moments that change your life forever are indelibly stamped in your mind, although at the time, you have no way of knowing the significant impact of turning a particular way at a fork in a road may have. One night, this state of melancholy simply became unbearable. I was in my car driving on the main route and heading towards the bridge that joins the peninsula of Cape Cod to the rest of mainland (and the rest of the universe). I could turn right and go back home to the numbing existence of all that I knew so well. Or I could keep on going and see what lay on the other side of that bridge. That night, I went over the bridge. And nothing has been the same since.

A key that helped me find the courage to change my life that night was happening upon the book “A Return to Love” by Marianne Williamson in a bookstore one day, which presented the basic principles of the Course in Miracles simply and eloquently. Curious, I opened it up and began reading random pages. I remember when I read “all human choices are motivated by either LOVE or FEAR”, something clicked inside of me.

I knew in that moment that it was only FEAR that kept me from thoroughly exploring life...and going beyond the boundaries of my previous programming, emotional addictions and habits. I knew in my heart that if I followed after what was true with self honesty, I really had nothing to fear.

And I believed if I lived my life with self honesty, it would ultimately be the best choice in regards to the other people in my life, particularly the woman I as married to for 16 years and my children. I was fully aware that I had the capacity for self deception but I also had basic trust that with the honest intent to follow what was true for me, that God would protect me from self deception and error.

If anything is true about me, it is that I have an innate passion for the truth. It became very clear to me that it was only fear that would prevent me from living life to its fullest and continuing to learn and grow. As I contemplated where I was heading, I was filled with that inner joy of a child playing.

Once I started, I never looked back.


From that point on, Summer 1989, I began an accelerated path of seeking and learning that censored nothing. During the next several years I expanded myself creatively, composing and playing music, painting and learning to adapt art and design skills to computer technology.
I read everything I could find that peaked my interest, which was a lot. My appetite, discernment and sensitivity to information was heightened. I tuned into my internal guidance and developed trust in it. And I permanently unplugged my television set.
Being an artist, I was naturally drawn to the world of imagination and ideas. I was fascinated with the UFO phenomena and the idea of life on other worlds or other realms, other dimensions of existence. I read everything I could find on these subjects with an open mind and without judgment, one way or another. I began meditating and connecting directly to that same presence of Spirit that I experienced at age 18. I became fascinated with metaphysics and the idea that we create our own reality (topics that were considered occult and taboo in the christian world). I went through an intense study of the mechanics of consciousness.

Around 1994, I began to feel a strong internal pull towards the Southwest. My children were no longer young, and entering their period of establishing independence. My work connections on Cape Cod were diminishing and through the synchronicity of some rather dramatic events, I saw this as the next step for me. Even still, it wasn’t an easy step to take. Then, in the summer of 1995, events beyond my control synchronistically lined up that I interpreted as a ‘green light’. It felt very clear what I was to do. Once the message came, I didn’t hesitate. I put what little I owned into a little U-haul, attached it to the back of my small sedan and dragged it across the country, destination site unseen, and without a job, or personal connections.
I selected Phoenix as an arbitrary destination but wasn’t sure where I would end up settling. Why Phoenix remains a mystery, except that I simply had a feeling to come here. I always loved that bittersweet Jimmy Webb/Glen Campbell song, which interestingly, mirrored exactly what was happening in my life at the time.

A Rocky Road

Coinciding with all this internal growth and expansion, this period of my life also presented the most challenges in regards to practical life and my outside world. Financial difficulties that appeared hopeless, bankruptcy, divorce, a tragic near-fatal accident of my son Justin in the summer of 1996 (from which he miraculously recovered), the prolonged emotional turmoil of divorce aftermath and frustrating health problems combined for stress that felt beyond my ability to handle. For awhile, life didn't make sense. I knew from experience that money didn’t buy happiness, but now I was experiencing the other side of the coin and that wasn’t fun either! I had some serious financial burdens to carry as a result of my divorce and I found myself falling behind in child support payments as I found it difficult to find consistent work. And it seemed the harder I tried, the worse it got. My dear son suffered a horrible accident, and despite my best efforts, I was powerless to help in financial ways.... my emotions were a mess.

I also had some serious problems with asthma, a condition I’ve had since childhood, yet became much worse during these years. In 1998, I had collapsed in a panic and lapsed into a coma, unable to breathe as a result of a sudden attack one night. I awoke six hours later in a hospital with tubes down my throught. I later learned that the EMT's thought I was dead, as I had no heartbeat nor breath registering as I was interbated. I have no conscious recollection of being on the other side, except for the feelings of complete relief when I went out, and a sense of travelling down a tunnel into the extreme discomfort of returning to my body. I recovered quickly from that point.

Connecting the Dots

Somehow, all these difficulties inspired deeper internal investigation and creative expression. I began to throw myself into my creativity with abandon completing the recording and publishing of my first CD recording of original music (Inner Space) later that year. I attempted to follow my joy and it felt very satisfying. My life became a relentless pursuit and exploration of self knowledge and understanding of the world I live in and seeking wholeness of my body, mind and spirit.

Around the turn of the millennium, it seemed that all these various subjects I had studied and information I had absorbed seemed to gel together into a coherent whole. Whenever I wasn’t working, I was reading. Suddenly, dots started connecting and things started to make sense to me, but not in the way I could have predicted.

In fact, it was very much the opposite of anything I would have conceived of myself. The veil of illusion that so comprehensively saturated our culture, was now lifting and for the first time I began to perceive things much differently than I did before. Yet, I felt very much isolated with this awareness, and there were very few that I found that I could even have a ‘real’ conversation with, for that requires a common frame of reference, and mine was shifting fast. I consider it no accident that this period of my life transpired simultaneously with the release of the remarkable film, ‘The Matrix’. Like a mirror image of what I was going through in my own life (and synchronistically, many others), the movie was a powerful allegory of the truth that nobody dare talk about.

The film was full of potent metaphors and meaning that was profound: Truly, it seemed to be a powerful ‘download’ from the other side of the veil of illusion. Somebody, somewhere wanted this knowledge placed into the collective consciousness... a seed that would awaken many to the true nature of reality.


Shortly after this time, in mid 2000, I became interested in what was referred to as ‘cracking the code’ of a fraud that was covertly executed on our nation in the early part of the 20th century. The more details I heard, the more it made sense. This was gaining in popularity in Arizona among some very intelligent people whose character and values (like a love for freedom) I respected. This had come to be known as ‘Redemption in Law’, and it was fascinating stuff... an in-depth study of history, the principles of contract law, the right meaning of words, and how the entire monetary apparatus we presently live under had been covertly constructed to enslave the people for the benefit and power of the few (the handful of families that own the Federal Reserve, who now own virtually all assets of the entire planet).
To make a very long story as brief as possible; The bottom line of this material was that we all have been the victims of a scam of enormous proportions when the Federal Reserve was created and FDR ‘mortgaged’ the american people as collateral to the international bankers, the Creditors of the United States. The details of this information were fascinating to me, as the diabolical brilliance of the fraud began to be exposed to light. What was most incredible is that the entire world still runs according to this system and no one questions the facts regarding the origins. I guess I can understand that due to it’s complexity in how it was implemented.
More and more illusions were being revealed, as I discovered that nothing is what it seems to be. The redemption process also promised a lawful remedy to this exploitation through the use of contract law, which made total sense to me and caught my interest, as I was swimming in debt at that point.

The dots all connected now and I came face to face with the disturbing truth that almost everything I had been taught in schools, religion, the news media, and the entertainment culture to believe as truth is a LIE. Like Neo in the Matrix, waking up to discover his whole life was an illusion and that in truth his life energy was being covertly used to sustain an artificial parasite entity, I realized that was not a fiction, but a parable for the truth of what our present world system was. My innocence was lost, and my eyes were now opened wide.


I jumped into the Redemption program with both feet. I filed the proper UCC forms with the Secretary of State to support my position as a matter of proper law procedure, and fueled by my passion for the truth I embraced a boldness of spirit to take action on what I learned. I submitted my meticulously detailed document to the US Treasury for the cancellation of a debt.

To make a long story brief, it proved to be an unwise choice, (at least on the surface level, although I am sure there was a larger purpose in it all that remains to be fully understood). The result of all this was me spending several months detained in a federal jail. What a trip!—I had never been in trouble with the law in my entire life... and suddenly I’m surrounded by men in black with automatic weapons pointed at my head! I felt like I just stepped into someone else’s bad movie.

I was initially told by the public defender first assigned to me that this would all probably just ‘go away’ if I just acknowledged making a mistake to the court. But fueled by my passion for the truth, I was determined to prevail as I had become solidly convinced everything I asserted was lawful and true and based on solid principles of law and facts of history. I was zealous about standing up for what I believed in.

Well, it all was quite a unique experience, but not one I would want to repeat. As the months passed, and the prosecution delayed, delayed and delayed again, I concluded that I could not prevail. The 'system' uses force to protect its survival. And the court environment if full of all kinds of manipulation games played by both the prosecutor and the lawyers.

Ultimately, I realized that I was in a conflict of paradigms. I had bumped square into a creation of the collective unconscious, and it wasn’t going to budge. As much as I believed in the ‘correctness’ of what I as doing, being correct no longer mattered! The position I was asserting was in direct conflict with the consensus reality of that time, and even though I knew there was lawful substance behind it, I realized that all the other ‘players’ (the prosecutor, the judge and the lawyers) were operating according to an entirely different established ‘reality’ that they didn’t want to even consider being any different from what they had always known.
I realized I really didn't want to live a life that was arguing with reality. Even if that reality was a manipulated sham. My choices were clear: relent or possibly lose my life in a federal institution.So, I ended up doing what any other rational person would do when they see that the game is ‘rigged’. I chose to do what I had to do (agree to a plea bargain) to get out of there. I was immediately released at that point.

Since that time life has flowed for me in a positive direction, to where now that whole drama is far behind me.

What I Have Learned

This was a powerful lesson and it gave me substantial insight into ‘the game’ we are all involved in here in duality. It also put me into one of the most fearful experiences that anyone could face, and I survived. I know myself on a whole other level now that I didn’t before. I discovered I have courage that I didn’t know was within me. I actually grew tremendously in my spirit and understanding as a result.

Ultimately, I’ve gained a sense of balance from it all. I’ve had a good look at another side of life that most people never see and close interaction with people I normally would not have been ‘rubbing shoulders’ with. It’s an interesting perspective. I gained a lot of understanding of life from this ordeal. Most importantly, it taught me the importance of accepting the world as it is, and not living in resistance to ‘what is’. This proved to be a key understanding in my spiritual growth. We live in duality: an environment of both good and evil, black and white, and everything in between. I am content that one day, all lies will be exposed, and all truth will be made known. However, this is a very sobering thought, for it also means our own personal lies and darkness will also be made known. This awareness is a good reminder for me to live with congruence and self honesty.

So these are the key events that have contributed to where I find myself today. Although my journey had accumulated some intellectual understanding, it ultimately showed me to be the fool. For I had to let all of that go to find my own liberation and peace. It required that I surrender to ‘what is’, stop arguing with it and give up the desire to ‘be right’.

Our life stories will always be just that: stories. It's really a great relief to let all of that go. I understand now that true humility is highly underrated. Christ used the metaphor of being like a little child. Indeed, an uncluttered, flexible belief system and an non-judgmental openness to new experience is the key to unlocking the door to deeper perceptions and greater awareness.
To fully understand the remainder of this book, you may have to be willing to let go of some baggage in terms of prior beliefs about the nature of reality. But if you keep an open mind, I think you will find the journey worthwhile.

Introduction —a change of view

Life is but a Dream

What follows is not new information. This ‘knowing’ has always been with us. Yet,
it has been hidden in the deepest part of our collective consciousness... ever silent beneath the constant chatter of our conscious minds... still beneath the manipulated cultural programming of ‘consensus reality’ that has been broadcast to us from birth.

Indeed, you already know this, but it could be you have forgotten. We all have forgotten who we really are. That's what the descent into this world of vibration and matter is all about. We have divided up and taken on roles by which we can experience the world from a variety of perspectives. But now, one by one, we are waking up from our hypnotic dream and remembering where we come from.

Why this is happening now and where we are going from here is anyone's guess. Not to worry... there is an intelligence behind all of this that is so immense in its power, so absolutely in command of the most intricate detail, that it cannot begin to be understood by our conscious minds. Yet, we can know its reality in our hearts. We can sense its presence with our intuition. We can feel its purposeful love with our core being. It's all happening right on schedule, gently, gradually and according to an unfolding of a plan of unfathomable magnificence and beauty.
For centuries great spiritual teachers have all pointed to these facts from unique perspectives. And now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, our most cutting-edge science, the field of quantum physics, is also beginning to acknowledge and understand these truths.

These are remarkable times. At this point in the evolution of human consciousness, science and Spirit are converging together to give us a glimpse of the true nature of what we call ‘reality’. And it's nothing like what we have been programmed to believe it is.The integration of this awareness will change the nature of life on earth as nothing has before. We stand at the very threshold of this paradigm shift now.

The veil of illusion is now lifting. To most of us, the realization is shocking, as it runs contrary to most everything we have been taught. We do indeed exist in a realm that is upside down and back to front in every way. But an essential part of the human experience is about finding our way out of the maze of our own creation. It is the integration of this knowledge from belief into the experience of knowing that gives true liberation.

Once you do, there is no going back. You will never be the same.

In the pages that follow you have the opportunity to discover for yourself a remarkable new way of experiencing life... but to 'get it', it will require you to let go of all preconceived notions of what you think you know. And this is the biggest challenge.

The ego loves to hold on to it’s beliefs, it’s life stories. It places supreme value on them. Without them, it has no identity. The ego's identity is vested in the stuff of mind and what it believes: measuring, comparing, judging, labeling, etc. By doing so, it attempts to validate its sense of ‘specialness’. But it’s ultimately a futile exercise.

Granted, we cannot live and function in this world without some kind of belief system in operation, nor can we exist in duality without ego. It’s part of the human experience. Indeed, I cannot communicate with you except through the use of language which is the domain of the ego mind.


Language is a very rudimentary form of communication. The best it can do is point one in the direction of a previous understanding... a link by association. For this reason, I cannot adequately tell you about the things I know. For they are beyond the ability of words to describe. It is a thing that may be called ‘awareness’, but to define it in words is virtually impossible. And, of course, I am a child in this new frontier of perception myself.
But, I'll do the best I can here, and perhaps through these musings I can point you in a direction where you can discover what I point to firsthand, on your own. But know this upfront, information is just that: information, but what gives it value, what makes it alive is experience... what you take into your life and know because you have lived it.

If you are able to suspend your dogmatic beliefs: about God, yourself, the world... step out of your life story and become, as Christ illustrated, a 'little child', the rewards will be an expanded new perspective that will profoundly change your life. There are no limits to the power of the essence that animates our bodies and minds. Indeed, the only limits are our imagination and what we believe to be true and real. This one realization, when fully understood and known, can and will change the world.

So empty your cache and make some room on the hard disc of your mind. It's time for a change of view.

The Illusion

—the Veil of Separation

Our experience of powerlessness over the world around us and our own lives seems all too obvious to many people. It just seems so immense, complex and fucked up! Many of us simply resign ourselves to the status quo, believing we can do little to change our lives and a world system in place that seems determined to bring humanity to the threshold of extinction.
Despite the fact that people do not want them, wars continue to proliferate, extending and expanding human misery and suffering in a relentless march toward more of the same. And the dark forces behind all these events work continually to keep the mayhem going on and on.

Why? What's really going on here?

All of this destructive behavior points to the same fundamental dysfunctional cause: The human experience has been at a level of consciousness that sees everything through a veil of separation.

We do not have a political problem. We do not have an economic problem. We don’t have a financial problem. It's a consciousness problem. The level of consciousness that humanity on a whole has been at for several millennia is one which perceives through the ego and sees us all as separate beings. "I am me here and you are you over there." In this paradigm survival of the ego is paramount. Indeed, all of life revolves around the ego when seen through the veil of separation.

As we experience life limited by our five senses, the world seems dense and solid and events seem so random that it often appears that we are victims of circumstances totally beyond our control. This is not really the case. The truth is we exist in a universe that only 'appears' to be solid. Because the consensus reality of the collective consciousness of our species believes it is solid, we are all entrained in this illusionary belief from birth. It’s all part of our agreement to come into the world to begin with.

Indeed, we have descended into the world of matter to take roles as play actors in a dream of our own making. What we have forgotten is that the ‘play’ is of our own creation. Let's get right to the point: Things are not what they appear to be. Life, as we know it, is an illusion. More specifically, it a holographic virtual reality that is created by the amazingly powerful Source consciousness residing within our minds. And so, because consciousness makes whatever it believes 'real' in terms of experience, it seems real to us. This is a fundamental step to making an important shift in our awareness:


Think about that for a moment. This is a startling realization to get a hold of . And it
may take you awhile to grasp if these concepts are new to you. But it is absolutely revolutionary in its implications, and holds the key to a fundamental transformation of the entire human experience.

A Creative Experiment

This is the Game we play. And like all games it has rules and a purpose or goal. We are all part of the ultimate creative experiment by which Consciousness can know itself. As Source Consciousness, we have descended into our own creation to experience life from divergent perspectives. In so doing, we have forgotten we created it to begin with and become the experiencer of our creation.

This has allowed us to experience the full spectrum of possibilities in the world of duality: the good and the bad... of pleasure and pain... of dark and light... of masculine and feminine. Within these parameters lie an infinite number of possibilities for Consciousness to know itself.
You and I are expressions of Spirit at play in the illusions of matter. The result of this ‘experiment’ is the accumulation of wisdom from these experiences. Without descent into duality, oneness simply IS. There is no movement, and therefore no change and nothing new to experience.

The world of duality has been created as a game by which Source Consciousness (God) can know itself. As individuals holding this Source Consciousness and being animated by it, you and I have the supreme honor and privilege of taking part in this amazing experiment as co-creators with this Supreme Source Consciousness. I say co-creators because that is very accurate, as we shall learn in a moment in more detail when we take a look at the basics of quantum physics. The world, and all events and matter, arise through this thing called consciousness. You and I, as human beings are resonators that focus this creative Source Consciousness to specific creations based on what we choose to focus on individually, and what beliefs we choose to accept.

What we see as the world around us is a dream our own creation. But it is by fundamental definition, an illusory existence. A dream. I say this because it is extremely flexible, changeable. In fact, it is being recreated from one moment to the next and is totally responsive to what we are holding in our own personal thoughts as well as what the collective thought forms of everyone on the planet.

Ego & Duality

It needs to be understood that the power of creation rests not with the ego (individual personality) of the individual. Our egos are small, petty and relatively powerless... more entertainment factor for the game than anything significant. But yet, every one of us is an essential puzzle piece in the master picture of ‘all that is’, for we provide a vehicle for infinite Source Consciousness to interface in the game and experience it’s creation from the inside... through our unique individual perspective.

The creation that we call ‘the world’ is the result of the power of the infinite consciousness that resides within us as it continually recreates it in every moment. This is the innate power that we have been gifted with. It is so enormous, so all encompassing, and yet so transparent to us that most of us are totally ignorant of its existence and presence within us, let alone have any understanding of how it functions.

Indeed, to consider that we have God’s consciousness within us, that God's consciousness is indeed who we really are has long been considered blasphemous heresy by the Christian church. But it is the truth. And the truth shall set you free. This power is ours to use to create either heaven or hell. It is the power spoken of by Jesus Christ and other spiritual masters throughout human history. It is the power than can move mountains.

The original state of all creation is Oneness (some may prefer the label, 'God'). It cannot be divided, labeled, or even defined. It is complete and perfect within itself, and because there is no other, it simply IS. But for Oneness to know itself, it has to create this thing we call duality, a realm that has polar opposites defining it’s form. (good/evil, male/female, black/white, etc.). Thus, the illusory world of matter was born: the particle vibrating between two points: the yin and the yang... all for Source to know itself and for you and me to take part in it. For clarity on the above, consider the following, which is a simplistic overview of the principles known as ‘quantum physics’:

The Quantum Field

The basic principles of Quantum Mechanics (in layman's terms)

What is ‘Matter’?

• All matter is made of tiny atoms. Atoms are comprised of even tinier, miniscule electrons that revolve around a tiny nucleus very fast, in direct proportion and formation to the stars and solar systems of the universe.

• 99.99+% of an atom is a void: it is almost entirely empty space.

• All matter is made of atoms --- it is, in essence, congealed energy. Therefore, all
matter is comprised almost entirely of empty space.

• Everything in the physical universe vibrates: it is in a state of motion.

• Time and space are intricately linked. One cannot exist without the other.

• In order to vibrate, an atom must oscillate between two points in space. This is the realm of duality or polarity: Two opposing opposites. The length of the space determines the character of what the atom is defining.

• Atoms that share a common purpose are called particles.

• This is the context in which everything in the physical universe happens. Here’s where it gets really interesting:

• The human mind operates much like a television set. It is a frequency decoder. The eyes pick up waveform frequencies, passes them on to the brain which interprets (decodes) them into images, impressions, sensations and sounds. We do not see with our eyes. We ‘see’ with our mind.

Let’s take a closer look at this and try to keep it simple: When we see, we take in energy
information through the eyes. At this point that energy information is a waveform, a sea of potentiality (possibility yet undefined). The eyes then pass it onto the brain where it is decoded and interpreted by consciousness as ‘reality’... images, sounds sensations that we experience with the five main senses. What determines what is interpreted is entirely dependent on what beliefs, intentions and thought projections are in the subconscious mind of that individual and the collective consciousness of the species. There is no world out there other than what we create through our interpretation. So how does this interpretation happen? Lets take this a little further...

• Quantum theory states (and has been validated by physical experiments) that
the universe is an incredibly complex tapestry of information or energy packets of possibilities called waveforms. It is like a sea of potentiality (all possibilities), containing every possible intent, choice and consequence all there waiting to be called upon in a moment’s notice to materialize into matter (a particle). All these possibilities exist and are networked together via a mathematical grid of energy that permeates all 'space' at the subatomic level.

The Observer

• The mind decodes these wave frequencies and interprets them into particles through simple observation. This process is automatic in us... we do not have to think about it. It just happens.
GET THIS! Energy is always a waveform until it is observed, whereby it instantaneously becomes a particle. It is the act of observation that makes things ‘real’. Without the observer, the universe is simply a sea of energetic waveform possibilities... potentiality.

• When the particle is no longer observed, it reverts back into a waveform state of pure potentiality. It only becomes ‘something’ when it is observed.

• So who is this ‘observer’? Consciousness. Yours, mine, God’s, everybody’s.

• There are two distinct realms of the human mind, each with a distinct purpose and unique way of functioning: The Conscious Mind and the Subconscious Mind.
Conscious Mind

• The conscious mind is the mind that thinks every day thoughts, tries to solve problems, decides what to wear, what to eat and is concerned with day to day functioning. The conscious mind is the realm of the personality or ego. It is self aware and sees itself as existing separate from others. It has an identity, a past and a life story. The conscious mind only exists in duality.
Subconscious Mind

• The subconscious mind is infinitely more powerful than the conscious mind, as it is the part of the mind that is continually recording and storing information throughout every moment of your life. It is the mind that is linked to the Infinite Oneness of Source Consciousness.

• Unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious mind doesn’t forget or miss anything. It is like a vast library of data. Even things long forgotten by the conscious mind are recorded and readily available in the subconscious part of our mind. The subconscious mind not only picks up every nanosecond of stimuli from the 5 senses, but it also absorbs the entire electro-magnetic spectrum of information that is continually broadcasting around us that is much more vast than any of us can appreciate.

• The subconscious mind is also where accumulated impressions from life experiences (or deliberate programming from external sources) connect to each other in patterns and form beliefs. These accumulated beliefs of the Subconscious Mind have a profound influence on the Conscious Mind and affects daily experience to a large degree.

Belief Filters

• These beliefs act as filters by which the conscious mind continues to experience
life. These filters edit out information that doesn't fit the belief, and welcomes through information that fits the belief's likeness. Thereby, affecting experience.

• These belief filters of the subconscious mind appear to be an integral part of existing in the game of duality. I don't know if it is even possible to exist in duality without some kind of belief system or filter. However, they are very flexible and can be molded and edited according to individual intent.


• Intent is where the concept of free will (choice) comes in. Through our intention, we make choices concerning what we want to experience. This sends a new thought form into the matrix where it is mixed with the countless other beliefs and thought forms. By reinforcing intent with both word and action, and sustaining that intent over a period of time things manifest. If a new intention is not congruent with a belief, it may not manifest in reality, for it will be overridden by the stronger thought form of the belief.

• What we call life is simply the experience of the conscious mind interpreting the infinite field of all possibilities through the filters and intentions stored in the subconscious mind, occasionally modified and re-directed by employment of our deliberate intention.

• The number and variety of experiences possible are only limited by the number of belief/filters possible. Virtually, without limits.

Collective Consciousness

• The subconscious mind is also intricately linked to what is known as the collective consciousness, which is simply a term for referring to all subconscious minds of a given species together. We are all hardwired into the Collective Conscious of the human race and are affected by it. It is the sum total of all human consciousness and experience. Each individual consciousness feeds data into this collective consciousness every moment through its unique individual experience. Therefore it is dynamic and forever changing according to the understanding and evolutionary experience of the individuals.

• Because of this interconnected nature between all consciousness, the collective consciousness of the human race acts as a form of overriding or governing filter, but it is not absolute, as consciousness is continually evolving and new data is continually added.

Evolution of Consciousness

Individual vs Group Creation

Now that we’ve reviewed some basic concepts of quantum theory, we can begin to understand how consciousness functions and creates this world of matter, and how we are taking part in this process, either consciously or unconsciously.

Each individual intent and thought affects the total in a direct way, whether we are aware of it or not. Because of this, we always have choice —the power to change the outside ‘world’, our lives. There seems to be some kind of innate reciprocal agreement between all consciousness in that no one can create within your own experience without your participation and agreement.
Ultimately, we have the most influence over what the creation of our individual lives become. It is not done by working on the ‘outside’ (results, what has already been made manifest) but from the ‘inside’, through deliberate intent, and focused thought.

The Journey of Expansion

There is a progression of consciousness that discernably moves towards it’s source, yet expands outward at the same time. In essence, this is an evolutionary process. Paradoxically, it is also a process that points us to a return trip home, and awakening out of the illusions of dense matter... a remembering. It would appear that the purpose to all of this drama is to experience. God, Source Consciousness is thus in a process of continual expansion through the creation and accumulation of experience. Thus, limits of what is possible to experience are continually expanding and changing according to the intents, thoughts and beliefs of us all.

When a new thought, understanding or ability is placed into the collective consciousness by an individual, it then becomes available to the entire species. Perhaps you have seen examples of this: An athlete running the 4 minute mile once seemed virtually impossible. However, once one individual did it. Suddenly, others were able to do what formerly seemed impossible. Today, it’s no big deal! What happened is the experience was placed into the collective consciousness and the fact that the ability was POSSIBLE suddenly made it easier for others to achieve. This is a sterling example of performance following belief.

The Hundredth Monkey Syndrome

This is also known as the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome. This refers to a phenomenon discovered by a team of researchers observing the habits of monkeys on an isolated remote island. It was observed that one of the younger monkeys discovered that there was a benefit (cleanliness, better taste) if he dipped his sweet potato in water before eating it. Slowly, they observed other monkeys following this example, beginning with the younger ones. Gradually, others caught on until at one point a ‘critical mass’ was achieved (arbitrarily labeled the ‘hundredth monkey’) and that knowledge accumulated such strength in the collective subconscious of that species of monkeys that suddenly one day, every monkey started to wash their sweet potatoes.

Now here’s the mind blower: Not only did all monkeys on that island begin doing it, but other monkeys on islands far removed from the one in observation also started doing it at the same time, with no possible physical contact or observation possible. What is learned from this is that some kind of an invisible ‘grid’ of information that interconnects a species is not just an abstract idea but a demonstrable fact. This is a simple demonstration of evolution in consciousness*.

As pointed out earlier, the realm of matter is the realm of duality. This duality realm is a dream and is extremely malleable by the beliefs and filters that are stored in the subconscious mind. This is due to the fact that it is vibrational in nature. It exists by virtue of particles oscillating between two points: the yin and the yang.

Within this realm we experience polarity: (polar opposites) Good and evil, male and female, chocolate and vanilla, paper or plastic, etc. (ok, sorry- I got carried away there). This serves Source Consciousness in giving us a wide variety of experiences in which to learn, evolve anddevelop wisdom and understanding.

* Evolution in consciousness – Not to be confused with Darwinism, which is something quite different, and a flawed perspective, as it denies the existence of this inherent interconnected, omnipresent Source Intelligence.

Polarity —The Drama on Planet Earth

Light and Dark

The paradigm we have been living in has been somewhat of a passion play between these two opposing forces. As participants in the game, we all have both polarities as part of our nature and exerting influence over us. However, there are some entities that are extremes of either side... hence the legends and experiences of angels and demons.

What we see happening on this planet is a result of this dichotomy. Beings that have embraced the dark polarity... the principalities and powers of the air referred to in scripture have usurped control of this planet* through covert influence and manipulation because it is simply the nature of dark to do so. It is the nature of the dark side to control and manipulate to serve it’s own ends, just as it is the nature of the light to allow and set free. This has been the case since the beginning of human history and long before. This is what sets up the conditions of 'The Game' of Polarity. Now, don’t be too hard on these guys, they are simply doing their assigned job in the dance of creation, and although it’s not a pretty sight, they are doing their job well.

The ‘Parasite’ Consciousness

We already established that there is no separation in the ultimate reality. We live in a universe that is One Unified Whole. However, it is the nature of consciousness to experiment and explore all possibilities in it’s creation process. This realm that we are living in of polarity was created when a group of beings decided to create a sub creation in an experiment to try to make a new creation independent of Source. This is explained as the fall of Lucifer and his angels in the scriptures and many other ancient texts. These ‘false light’ beings that we might simply label ‘darkness’ cut themselves off from the quality of love in Source Consciousness in their own intention and desire to make a separate sub-creation. This created the existence of a polar opposite of light: dark and our present realm of duality.

Now, because it has chosen to block off it’s connection with Source, the dark cannot sustain it’s own existence by itself. Because of this, it must siphon off Source creative energy from others that do have it. (us) The dark polarity is parasitical by nature, exploiting and feeding off of others for it’s own survival and benefit. This is the essential base characteristic that you see in all beings that are dominated by the dark polaric essence. They are by definition, parasites, or energy vampires.

Many of the UFO abduction experiences of the last century involve this kind of interference from these ‘demonic’ entities(and/or their human counterparts), however most of their activity is covert and hidden behind institutions and symbols of ‘authority’ and ‘goodness’ in human cultures. It is helpful to one’s discernment to know that it is the nature of the dark side to deceive, hide and lust after positions of institutional ‘authority’ as dark seeks to control others as part of it’s basic nature. These include churches, religious institutions, schools, colleges, governments, business conglomerates, medical institutions, the entertainment culture and central to all of these: the banking system.


The architects of darkness have utilized the technique of ‘divide and conquer’ to carefully and patiently build a 'fear farm' of the human race, insuring their constant feeding of fear energy which matches their essential polaric nature. Through their influences over their human puppets, who have traded all sense of ethics and morality for personal wealth and power, the ‘parasites’ orchestrate and maintain racial divisions, economic divisions, religious divisions, gender divisions and a general sustaining of the illusion of separation and the resulting conflicts and negative energy, as well as a sustaining of their own (external) power and preserving the status quo.

The implementation of usury (a 4,000 year old babylonian practice) by our banking system is a clear example: This is fundamentally perverse, exploitive, and runs contrary to the natural laws of Creation as it requires payback of more funds than actually exist, creating an escalating energetic imbalance which is reflected in the hidden tax of inflation. This has created an ongoing world of enslavement through debt. Over the many centuries, it has served to transfer virtually all of the wealth in the world into the hands of the very few. Everyone else, including the most powerful nations on earth, are debtors. So even those powerful nations ‘owe their souls to the company store’.

The Matrix

The contemporary film ‘The Matrix’ told this story through analogy quite well and with fascinating detail. (even in a highly censored and controlled media environment something of divine origin slips through now and then). While the Light seeks to allow, liberate, uplift and extend love and affirm life, the dark seeks to control, restrict, exploit for personal gain at the expense of others and doesn’t care who or what it destroys in the process.

Through the corporatisation of the world into hierarchal organizational structures, it is not difficult to see how the few can control the many. Orders come from the top down in the hierarchy. Control those in positions of power at the top, and the whole structure is controlled. Now, it is not my purpose to get into an in-depth expose of the dark side, the illuminati and their agenda, but it’s important to at least touch on it to gain a balanced perspective as it is one of the essential ‘dot connections’ to make in order to get a sense of the bigger picture.

The control and manipulation of nations and all people by the few through this system is the primary cause of all violence, misery and suffering in the world. Race against race, nation against nation, faction against faction, conservatives against liberals, are all manipulated into conflict to keep the world scene in a constant state of chaos and fear. This serves the purposes of the ‘elite’. Their prize is not wealth, because they already have it all. Their lust has always been about control. Their ultimate goal is total global control through a one world police state, totalitarian government ala: George Orwell’s ‘Big Brother’. (How prophetic was that book!)
They are able to accomplish this kind of widespread control and manipulation because they control the money system, which of course controls everything else, including national governments. With very few exceptions, politicians sell out every time. Liberal or conservative, they are bought and paid for, to carry through a particular agenda that will serve the interests of this global elite, who hide behind a maze of influential bureaucratic institutions, corporations, and secret societies. The puppets dance to the puppetmaster on both sides of the political fence.

They have, over centuries, patiently worked towards realizing this plan that is right at our door steps to becoming our consensus reality. This gives us a major clue as to where we are at as a race of beings at this time in history. As the world stage looks like it is being set for a major showdown, the evolution of human consciousness is right there in the middle of it, having an increasing impact. Very interesting times indeed! We have to wonder if enough of us ‘monkey’s’ will learn to wash our potatoes before ‘time runs out’.

A reminder is due here: When uncovering the facts behind the ‘unseen hands’ that steer the course of world affairs towards a global state of fear and disempowerment, it is always essential to keep in mind that we are not victims here. This geo-political structure exists because as a collective consciousness, we created it. What’s even more important to realize is that the world of duality exists for the evolvement of our souls. We do well to remember this one fact: The intelligence that creates Universes knows what it is doing. Let’s continue...

News at Eleven~!

Through the technology of television, the careful molding of belief systems that serve to preserve and sustain the status quo is a piece of cake. This is responsible for bringing the consciousness of huge numbers of people under control. Especially in America, we now have three plus generations of people who have been put into a trance state and have allowed their subconscious minds to be entrained by this ‘false light’ reality that is continually broadcast on the networks. Oh, we all are wonderfully entertained in the process, aren’t we! But all the while we are receiving subliminal encoding that creates a ‘consensus reality’ in our minds according to a predefined script. And so, for most of humanity, we create and 'solidify' a fear-based existence.

So, this is what we now see happening here on our planet. Kissinger, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair, Sharon, Bin Laden, Hussein... the personalities matter not because it is the same darkness that controls and acts through all of them. It has always been that way, and no matter what time period in human history you look at, you can see the same thing happening with those in positions of ‘authority’.

There are isolated exceptions, of course. Ghandi stood for dignity and freedom and eventually prevailed against the British Empire. And in America we have had several presidents that exhibited integrity and courage. History shows that Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were men of solid, ethical ideals and refused to be ‘bought’. (two of these men were assassinated).

But by and large, those individual personalities who lust for elite status and control/ domination over others find congruence with the host of the demonic. ‘Like attracts like’ is the primary law of the universe. Puppetmasters and their puppets. Though they may experience a lifetime of wealth, fame and ego grati-fication, spiritually, these souls are toast, and they are not to be envied.

Resolution of the Global Shadow

As mentioned briefly a moment ago, the human elite are actually not totally in charge either. They dance to another sort of master, and here we get into highly technological, yet spiritually regressive ET’s, demons and other dark entities, and ghouls. The dark ones are the real ‘high command’ for those orchestrating the mayhem in the world. They live in the dimension next to ours, and are cleverly covert, hidden from our view. Those that claim they can see into that dimension say there are trillions of them all around us and they know well how the mechanics of consciousness work. And they use it to their advantage, offering all kinds of stimuli to keep us in a state of fear, if we give room for it.

For millennia, they have taken advantage of human ignorance and the fact that we deliberately have forgotten our origins while we played in the world of matter and duality. They find their likeness in our own individual darkness, or shadow and find a home there. They speak to our subconscious mind, and exert their influence to fuel fear, the sense of separation and suffering. Indeed, it is fear that is their food. They feed off of the fear we generate. It empowers them to continue the drama.

As Within, So Without

This is essential to understand, in order to not fall into victim mentality, which is easy to do when discussing these matters. These dark beings only exist in the first place because we have a darkness, or shadow side inside of ourselves. Remember this, and you will always have a healthy, balanced frame of reference:

The external world is a reflection of what exists within us. That bears repeating. The external world is an exact reflection of what exists within us, collectively. We have all been born into the ‘program’ and have contributed to its maintenance. This is why the world is the way it is with all of its horrors and problems: We have created it with the fear that exists within us. And we have been going around on this fear-based merry-go-round so long now that the FEAR has actually developed a self-aware illusionary consciousness of its own.

Not to worry. I call it the Illusion because indeed it is not a permanent state. It can all be changed in a moment and someday it will, one by one we learn to give no place for fear inside of us. The key is to change human consciousness. And we are now at the threshold of understanding this and doing exactly that.

When human consciousness changes from separation to oneness and we will see hell changed into heaven. As nasty as the ‘outside world’ gets, remember this: Source Consciousness (God), is still in ultimate control of the whole drama. Remember, Source created both the dark and the light. When the two halves of the whole are reconciled, we achieve balance. And balance is the hallmark of health and well being.

This is our work, individually. This is something each one of must do on our own. We must acknowledge, embrace and accept our own individual darkness inside ourselves... our shadow side —reconcile it, and love it into wholeness. When we can love and forgive ourselves for all of our own fear, hate, egotism and nastiness, we become whole, and can forgive each other. We are then ready for a world based on unity. When this is done in critical mass, we will have a paradigm shift.

The Reality —Thought Made Manifest

From what we just learned a moment ago from looking at the basics of quantum mechanics, we know that what appears real to us is simply a dance of atomic particles obeying the observer (Source Consciousness) projecting its creative powers through the intentions and filters of our focussed thoughts and belief system. We live in a world that is recreated moment by moment. Reality is simply that which is made manifest. But it is dynamic and subject to change at every nanosecond. In fact, as already stated, there is no objective world out there. It is all made up in the moment by the power of consciousness. And this dance of particles is what we experience as our lives. Incredible, isn’t it? The world of ‘solid matter’ does not exist independently from consciousness.

The energy that creates and sustains everything is Source Consciousness. It is the energy that creates universes and animates and creates all life. And this is the part that most of us are just beginning to understand: We are co-creators with this Source Energy. We get to be active participants in the creation of matter, either deliberately, or unconsciously, by default.
Source Always Says ‘YES’.

We ‘get’ what we think about, whether we want it or not. Source Consciousness is neutral and doesn’t judge things good and bad like our conscious minds do here in duality. It just empowers and creates. It just says, ‘YES’ to whatever we are projecting through our own thoughts and feelings. When those thoughts and feelings are sustained by habit over a period of time, they manifest as our life’s reality. If your remember anything from this writing, make it this: Source energy is always saying yes. It leaves it up to us to determine what it is that it is saying yes to!

This is what it is doing every moment of our lives. So, if we have a deeply ingrained belief that says, for example: “I'm not worthy of love”, then guess what? Source Consciousness comes in and shines through that filter and creates exactly what is in congruence with that belief, down to the infinite detail of seemingly ‘random’ events in our lives. Knowing this, it is very important to examine what we believe and why. Few people realize they can deliberately choose what they believe.

It is truly an amazing process. The underlying INTELLIGENCE on display in our everyday life is staggering in its enormous multi-tasking abilities. Indeed, we cannot begin to comprehend it, it is such a vast power. Yet, it is at work in us all the time, every moment of every day.

Deliberate Creation 101: Overview

So how do we create reality deliberately, rather than by our ‘default’ programming?
This is a very exciting topic for me, and one I’ve been drawn to since I first encountered it many years ago. I was on vacation and stayed at a charming bed and breakfast place by the ocean. On the table in the room was a little book that I have not seen before or since. The title was, “THE SECRET OF LIFE”.

I do not recall the author, but his/her name did not ring a bell, they weren’t a celebrity. The book was obviously quite old and tattered and I was intrigued. Anyway, I picked it up and brought it to the beach with me that day. Within minutes, I was hooked and I became very excited about the new information I was absorbing. It was a small book, and I read it in one afternoon. It very simply and directly explained many of the things I am sharing in this essay.
That was my first real exposure to metaphysics and the idea that we create our own reality and it profoundly changed my orientation of looking at the world. I know now that Source Consciousness (God) guided me to that very room so that I would encounter that little book at the very moment when I would be open to the information contained within it. It was a direct answer to my desire to understand life more clearly, which I had been 'sending out' in the previous months and weeks in my own thinking. Its amazing how the synchronicity of Source Intelligence works.

I have since discovered many other spiritual and personal growth teachers all saying basically the same thing in different ways and pointing the way for understanding how we create the life we do... and how we can gain some self determinism over it. I will share with you here what I learned in a nutshell:

First, we need to understand that reality creation is what happens naturally through our consciousness by default. We’re already doing it. It’s going on every moment, although very few of us are aware of the process. Because we have been oblivious to this remarkable gift, and our attention diverted away from it through the distractions of the world we are born into, it operates by default, creating our lives through imbedded beliefs and programs that are part and parcel of the realm of separation.

Young children are like sponges. We absorb all these beliefs of the 'collective subconscious' at a very young age and pick up the 'programming' in layers upon layers as we mature. By the time we are adults our collection of beliefs and indoctrination are firmly entrenched, yet quite transparent to us. To us, it is just the 'way it is'. (Bruce Hornsby’s song by the same name really speaks a great truth.) Most everything that goes on in our minds has an underlying belief attached to it.

Thus we all go about our lives with this overriding consensus reality in place. We speak an agreed upon language, we drive cars and (most of the time) avoid crashing into each other, get insurance, get our prescription meds, work at jobs, vote, go to church, shop at the mall, stop at the drive-thru window and pick up a burger and fries, chase the opposite (or in some cases, the same) sex, watch tv, and pay taxes. In essence, most of us are conditioned to basically do the same things with our lives and think within a framework of predefined parameters.
Most of this goes on without our individual choice being involved. What choice of ours is involved, is restricted to certain predetermined options already established by the consensus reality (ie: republican or democrat?). And it controls almost every nuance of our lives to some degree. That is, until we truly awaken to the truth of our nature... Looking at Our ‘Filters’

Because reality is created by Source Consciousness projecting itself through the intentions and filters of our Subconscious Mind and the Collective Consciousness, it is necessary to examine what kind of filters and beliefs we have absorbed and have run by default if we want to start creating deliberately the things we want.

Most of us don’t really know what we believe. It is transparent to us. The beliefs mask themselves as simply ‘the way it is’. These usually are imbedded in our Subconscious Mind by early childhood from parents, schools and society. Don’t be fooled! EVERYTHING is a belief – even the so-regarded sacred rules of physics and science or religion. Some are just more firmly ingrained into our consciousness than others are.

Questioning all beliefs is the first step towards freedom and self actualization.This can be a lot of work, but its rather fun to play with and will be ultimately very rewarding. If you are honest with yourself, you will find that your belief structure mirrors your life. Just take a look back at what happened and ask the question, ‘What would someone have to believe in order to create ___________ (what happened in your life)?’ Then write down what pops into mind.
Simply examine each item and feel it out. When you have a strong ‘hit’ you will know it. It will feel like an ‘AHA!’ You might not hit the real underlying belief right off the bat, but if you persist in this inquiry, you will eventually get to it.

Questioning Beliefs

Once you’ve identified a belief you wish to change, the next step is simply to take that belief and experience it fully. Go INSIDE OF IT and feel it --- notice where it exists and where it doesn’t exist. By doing so, something important happens in your awareness: you know that it is a created thing. Why? Because it has edges that define where it exists and where it doesn't.
When you do this, you will discover that you are no longer ‘inside’ the belief but you have popped out of it, and that belief is inside of you. When you are inside a belief or thought it can appear to be enormous. But when you fully explore it to it’s edges and pop out of it, then suddenly it’s simply a ‘thing’, and that thing, that creation, is smaller than you are. And anything that you create you can also discreate.

This realization: that you are larger and more powerful than any belief is a powerful key that will enable you to make a choice as to whether that belief serves your best interest or not. This is an effective method for dealing with addictions also.

Attention, The Sustaining Energy of Manifestation

You are now free to choose to withdraw your attention (the sustaining energy) from that thing you created and choose to create something else. Discreating the thing is as simple as pulling the plug on your television set. Simply remove the juice, or the sustaining energy that makes it go: which is, your attention.

Attention is very powerful. It is the means by which Source consciousness animates life. It functions much like electricity which empowers an electrical appliance. Without the ‘juice’, the thing just doesn’t go. It works the same with thought forms and beliefs. What we put our attention on grows LARGER, and when we withdraw our attention off of something, it will eventually just disappear from our experience. Delving into the realm of your beliefs can be like peeling an onion. As soon as you handle one layer another one appears underneath it. Simply handle them as they come up, taking the one ‘on top’ first. (the issue that is the loudest in clamoring for your attention). This is the way you will get yourself free and in a place where you can ask the question: What do I wish to create now?

Intention - The Birth of Creation

At this point, you step into a new paradigm. You are now choosing what you want your life to be instead of letting it be controlled by default consensus reality programming. You are stepping out of the herd and stepping into a place where few have dared to go. You are now in the realm of ALL POSSIBILITIES! It is a very exciting and liberating place to be.

The beginning is to set an intention. This is best done with careful reflection of what you wish to be and do in life. Its very important to have CLARITY, and not be wishy washy. It is most effective to have very specific intentions. For instance, instead of just saying ‘I am a good person’ you can get specific about what excites you and say, “I am a healer and a catalyst to help improve the lives of those around me.” The more detail you can imagine into your intention, the better. Have some fun with it, and really get into what you are creating.

A Personal Example

If you are just starting out in this arena, you might want to start with small things. I discovered this process by accident a few years back which I’d like to share with you because it beautifully illustrates how amazing this process of deliberate creation is:

When I first moved to Arizona, I didn't have much of any furniture. I remember one day looking at my big blank wall and thinking, “mmmmm, ya know, a nice big mirror would go great right there and would help to make this place look larger”. That’s it. Just a moment of absolute clarity of what my apartment needed and what I wanted. I looked at the blank wall and vividly contemplated for about 20 seconds the size I wanted it to be. I then totally forgot about it.
Later that week I was visiting a friend, and as I was leaving he said to me, “Oh, my wife and I are getting rid of some old things”, and pointed to this huge mirror leaning up against his garage wall. “Do you want this?” My jaw dropped open, as I observed it was exactly what I had envisioned for my wall.

This same sequential process happened a few weeks later: I didn’t have much in the way of furniture for my apartment. In fact, I had been eating my dinners on my sofa without a table. I was content to do so, but I had an empty side of the room where a nice little table and chair ensemble could fit nicely and I remember thinking to myself, “Ah yes, that will be nice someday... a table and 4 chairs just about this size, and this shape (as I defined it in my minds eye) ...” A moment of absolute clarity, then I completely forgot about it. Out of the blue, later that same week, I get another call from another friend, this time regarding a complete dining room table and chair set she wanted to get rid of because she and her husband were buying a new set. Within a day, they had come over anddelivered right into that same corner of the room --- a dining room table of the shape and size I had envisioned with 4 matching chairs! Amazing.

Now granted, these are little things, but welcome little miracles nevertheless. It works
exactly the same whether we are intending BIG things or little things. What I want
you to notice here is that there is a technology of creation involved here. It is:

1) IMAGINATION and clear expression of INTENT.

2) Absolute CLARITY of what is desired, sustained for at least 17 seconds.

3) Total DETACHMENT of how it would manifest.

That’s the formula for creating anything in your life, right there!

I can’t say I’ve completely mastered this process, but I’ve witnessed many, many times over this phenomena working in my life. If something I desired was blocked from manifestation, there was a good reason for it involving either something else that I wanted (absence of clarity), or because there was something better already in creation. Sometimes, a belief that was transparent to me was later shown to inhibit the manifestation. But all in all, there have been so many of my desires that have manifested in my life that I’ve learned to really TRUST that the Source is completely responsive to our intent. This trust is a wonderful state to rest in.
Empower with EmotionTap into the FEELING of what is being created as much as you can. This really charges the energy. We imagine with our minds, but it is our emotions that give our dreams POWER. This is a very important step in creating your intention.

Here is another important thing to keep in mind regarding intentions: ALWAYS speak or write these intentions in the present tense, as if they were already created. Because, in truth, they ARE already created... as soon as you send it out there! What you do NOT want to do is express any want. If you express to the Universe that you want something, it is inferred that you lack it. So, always operate in the positive and BE that which you desire in your expression and in your emotions. Let your words create for you. This follows with how you conduct yourself in the rest of your life too. Mindful of your intentions, BE IT in your words and actions.

Spend some quiet time and choose your intentions deliberately. There is no rule here, except that the intentions that are most closely aligned with your connection to Source are those that will instill in you the most JOY and PASSION. Follow that
and see where it goes. Select an intention that will be in alignment with what you perceive to be your higher purpose.

For example, my joy and passion lies in doing anything creative such as this writing, creating a painting and playing or composing music, creating websites, etc. When I am seized by an idea of something to create, I am lost in it— time ceases to exist, and it is hard for me to do anything else during the creation period, including eating and sleeping! When I have found this state, I know that I am in my joy.

It always starts with a great PULL to do something. At this point I get an idea and establish an INTENTION. I then really get into what I want it to look like as my attention gets focussed upon it. Once I begin, I’m kind of in a free fall, undefined state as new ideas present themselves once I take a first step towards working it out.

I then become the FOLLOWER instead of the leader, as the creation takes on a life of its own. It is very exciting and gives meaning to my life. Take that analogy and apply it to what gives YOU the most passion and joy. Then have fun as you witness the magic of things happening. There is much more to this process that can be said regarding intention and creation, but my goal here is to just give an introduction and overview to these ideas.

Congruence with Higher Purpose

Deliberate creation carries with it an inherent responsibility. At the level of personality and ego we may want to be rich and famous, but if that intention is not in congruence with Infinite Intelligence's purpose for our life, then it may not come into being in the way we may want it to. We may see evidence of it trying to manifest, as any intention sent into the matrix has equal opportunity for manifestation, but the result will probably be somewhat ‘muddy’ and something other than what would make us truly happy if it is not totally in alignment with our higher self.

When an individual’s consciousness evolves to a point of playing in the arena of deliberate creation, it becomes increasingly important to align with that higher aspect of who we really are, so that what we create in life has rewarding meaning and contributes positively to all life everywhere. Deliberate creation is really the Technology of Oneness, and if tried to be applied in the lower paradigm of separation, well, it may work or it may not. Either way, it is important to examine your motives behind all intentions. No one escapes karma– the balancing consequences of your actions.
It is true we are free to create whatever we want. But in some instances, Infinite Intelligence may deliberately block us from some things for a specific purpose. That purpose usually has to do with the greater good, an individual or collective lesson, or to manifest our intention in a way that is different from what our ego may want... in a way that is in truer alignment with Source. This is actually a built-in safeguard for the misuse of this enormous power. You have to be humble and mature enough spiritually to apply it in your own life.

Sometimes an intention may only appear to be temporarily blocked for the reason that Source Intelligence wants to bring it into manifestation in a way that is usually way far better than anything we could imagine! This is why it is so important to let go of the ‘how’ it will come and simply trust like a child in the supreme intelligence that is in this moment - orchestrating the ‘how’.

This is important to understand. Remember, its not all about our egos. We are here co-creating with many other beings in a magnificent tapestry of incredible beauty. We each have an important, vital part to play in the dance. But there is but one Spirit orchestrating and empowering it all. So, to navigate these waters, one must surrender control of the ego, completely detach from outcome and trust the conductor.

Trust in the inherent benevolence of the Universe is essential. Do you think the Power that created this universe is worthy of your absolute trust?


Once we have set an intention that is well defined and feel peace that it is congruent with higher purpose, it is essential to detach from the how and where and when that it will be manifest. This is important because our natural inclination in the world of the ego is to ‘make it happen’. Of course, efforts to make something happen in the world sometimes work and sometimes don’t. More often than not, they create something else.

But it is ultimately way more effective when we surrender this control of the ego and
put in the hands of Universal Intelligence to work out. After all, Universal Intelligence’s ability to work out the details is way more competent than our feeble efforts could ever be... as it knows the end from the beginning. In fact, we often get in our own way when we try to make something happen. I'm sure you know what I mean.

So, it goes back to trust again. Our task at this point is simply to let go, listen and look for the signs that point us in the correct direction. This brings up the next aspect of creating deliberately: Synchronicity.


Simply stated, Synchronicity is universal intelligence aligning energies and events in order to accomplish a purpose, manifest an intention, or to call our attention to something we need to pay attention to.

Synchronicity usually makes itself known though coincidences that defy rational explanation. Because the rational conscious mind of the ego is limited and does not see the end from the beginning or past, present, and future as does Source or Universal Intelligence, it can sometimes be difficult for it to know what steps to take.This is the purpose of synchronicity.
It is a guidance system that comes directly from God.

The thing is, nobody can tell you what a given coincidence can mean. You’ve got to figure that out for yourself. But that’s half the fun! As you ‘tune in’ to it with a clear openness, you will develop a sensitivity and an inner knowing what the message is.

Remember: the Universe always responds to your intent. Always, no exceptions. Set an intention that you will receive guidance according to your highest purpose. The more you pay attention to synchronicity, the more you will see it occur in your life. This is an important thing to practice daily if you really want to create miracles in your life. There is no more exciting path through life than riding the waves of synchronicity.


So, here we have the process of creating the life we want to have:

1) daily, or frequently, reaffirm our intentions

2) detach in regards to ‘how’ they will come to pass, let them go completely

3) trust in the benevolence of the universe

4) then ask, ‘what can I do, now, in this moment, that will help me progress
along my desired path?’

5) be quiet and listen to the answer –guidance will surely be given

Awakening – To the Real You

You Are The Observer

The real you is the observer. The observer is the one who experiences your life. And, this is where life really begins. We could say it is the same as the Subconscious Mind, and it is, but it is even more than that. For it is indeed one and same as Source Consciousness. It functions through our personality or ego in order to experience the world and take part in the game, but it is not the personality or ego. It is much larger and it encompasses all that is. Ego... conscious mind... identity and life stories... these are all artifacts of the illusion. They serve an important purpose as the vehicle by which we can participate in the game, explore duality and create, but they are temporary and not lasting. After a few years of experience on this planet, they go away. But the real you is eternal and takes the experiences of your life, all the memories and integrates them into the accumulated wisdom of all.

We are part of something magnificent beyond words! Every moment experienced is never lost. It becomes part of the eternal database. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Looking at it in this way, God’s knowledge through experience is continually growing and expanding. And it will never end. None of us ever really die. Nothing of value is ever lost. It is an amazing life that we are privileged to be participating in.

Beyond labels and definitions

The real you is in fact outside of any means of labeling it or defining it at all. When we try to define the definitionless, we corrupt it, for the real you exists outside of this realm of duality. But we are restricted to using words here, so we do the best we can to point to it from where we are (in ego).

The wonderful teacher Deepak Chopra has coined the term 'definitionless awareness' to point to it. That says it pretty good I think. Another term used in recent years is 'higher self'. It is the more essential you, the eternal you. It is one and the same with Source, or God. Others include God-Mind and Oversoul. There are others. The label doesn’t matter as it’s just a symbol that points to something. Find the term that feels most authentic to you. I personally prefer the label Source –only to take it out of religious context.

Those coming from a judeo/christian perspective may cringe at reading those words and cry ‘heresy’. According to the traditional teachings of the church, to consider that we are one and the same with God is tantamount to blasphemy. But wait a minute... Isn’t that what the religious leaders of the day accused Christ of? The traditional view of religionists would classify this view as a humanist orientation and ‘godless’. They say elevating man to the status of God is just about the worst sin a man can commit.

Well, of course they do! But that is simply how things are perceived from the perspective of separation. They are so indoctrinated inside the box of dogma that they even see the God-force of Life that animates their very cells as something separate and different from who they are! This is because they perceive through their ego and not through true Spirit. You see, this all has to do with perception.

Let’s be perfectly clear on this point: what we are talking about here is NOT elevating our individual egos to be a ‘little gods’. No.... not at all. It is something quite different and quite frankly, beyond the ability of those locked into the separation paradigm to comprehend, because what I’m talking about comes from an understanding of Oneness and not the paradigm of separation. That oneness with God or Source Consciousness has nothing to do with our egos.

The Bible has some truly inspired truth in it, and that is the bait that has attracted us who have that ‘nostalgia for eternity’ and desire to have a greater connection to our Source. But the Christian bible was both created and given to a people who lived under the veil of separation, and it has been interpreted and passed down for millennia under that same structure of perception.

Of course this has been used to great extent by the dark forces in control of duality to exploit and control people and feed off their energy. By keeping mankind in the separation box, they can keep negative energy, wars and conflicts continually stirred up and manipulate us into slaughtering each other... just as long as we see other people in the world as ‘other’ than ourselves and succumb to the vibration of fear. The examples of this are quite self evident. It is this perspective of separation that is responsible for untold amounts of death, pain and human suffering. And of course, under the leadership of our ‘christian’ president, it continues today.

When you view the eternal God, Source Consciousness as separate from who you are, you are trapped in duality, and you cannot see past the veil. When you view another human being as separate from you, it is easy to hurt them, because you perceived them as being other than you. You are removed from identification with them. But would you do the same if that person in truth was another aspect of yourself? Of course not. Well, the truth is, that person IS just another aspect of you. This is the essence of the ‘golden rule’ and is the core of so much of what Jesus taught: “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” The teachings of Christ have been greatly misinterpreted because of the limitations of the minds that passed them on to us: Jesus spoke from SOURCE and unity, or Oneness consciousness. And he called us to follow him, meaning, follow his example in how he lived his life and his perspective of awareness . He did not seek to be put on a pedestal as a hero or 'the saviour'. Those that came afterward and wrote about him made up that theology.

Jesus encouraged us to follow his example, and enter that same perspective and level of consciousness that sees the truth: THAT ALL IS ONE SPIRIT. And he said ‘greater things shall you do’.

The Awakening has Begun

This dysfunction of separation is breaking down. Awareness of Oneness, and remembering of our true identity is now happening individually on a worldwide scale, despite the best efforts of the dark side to harness human consciousness and keep it in a box so that they can continue to have their fear feast. This awareness is coming to each one of us at the perfect time when we are open and ready for it, so there is no need to ‘push’ this on anyone like the evangelicals push their gospel. We see when we are ready to see.

But the awakening cannot be stopped. A few of the monkeys have learned that potatoes taste sweeter when dipped in water*, and it’s catching on. The information is there in the grids (the subatomic network of information that permeates all space), and we are ‘getting it’ one by one when we are ready for it.

It is just a matter of time before all the old, regressive perspectives get washed away... much like the notion that the world is flat got washed away once a few pioneers with vision broke that paradigm. Remember, even after Columbus’s voyage, it took some time for the rest of the world to accept the truth of what he proved by experience. The global shift in perspective did not happen until many others proved it true with their own experience.

And so, we are in that phase now, as a race of beings. There are those who have ventured out ahead of the others, and as more and more souls accept this perspective, the pull of this awareness gets stronger until it reaches a tipping point.... the hundredth monkey.

* see the Hundredth Monkey Syndrome, earlier.

Waking Life

In discussing life in terms of illusion and reality, we are not talking about avoiding or escaping life here in duality, but living it more fully alive. The new paradigm is one of bringing the knowing of oneness into this world of duality. Things are going to change dramatically. Its already happening now at an increasing speed.

Most of us live our entire lives in the grand illusion and are totally asleep to the reality of who we are. We go through the cultural programming that implants our belief system from birth and live out a life accordingly: school, marriage, house, car, career, death... all pretty much pre-programmed experiences. All within the framework of what has been deemed acceptable by the status quo. Don’t forget you need insurance and to pay your taxes -- Make sure you are covered for ‘death benefits’ too!

However, the truth is we exist in a state of absolute FREEDOM. We are so free, we are free to believe lies and create a life that we do not want. And most everyone has been in that state by default, simply due to lack of awareness of how life works and the power that we have been entrusted with.

Children have always been closer to the truth. Ever see the absolute presence and wonder in a baby's eyes? But, due to the nature of duality, the truth is snuffed out of us by the programming of the system we live in. Beyond the toddler years, we become firmly entrained by the beliefs of the cultural paradigm. Our consciousness adapts and conforms to the collective consciousness of our species.

The entertainment culture of the last century has accelerated this programming exponentially since the use of television. It is loaded with subliminals that feed conditioning into the subconscious —all matter of thought forms to distract us from the truth. Control and manipulation of the human race is a high science to the dark architects
of this realm.

It is amazing that any of us are waking out of the hypnotic sleep of the illusion of duality, but it is now happening on a massive scale. It is simply time for it to happen. I suppose the lessons of the illusion have been learned, or are at a point where another kind of lesson is needed. It is a very exciting time to be alive. The fact that I have written and you are now reading these musings confirms that there is something happening to both you and me. Some of you will even understand what I am saying! And some won’t, but that’s ok. Even for those of you who don’t fully understand what I am writing about here a seed may be planted that will later bear fruit.


When I first started contemplating and considering these things I had a hard time getting my mind around it and understanding it. This was because I was trying to understand it with the rational, conscious mind. I was coming from the world of duality and trying to make it fit by defining it and putting it into a neat box. Can’t be done. The only way to know what I speak of here is to experience it for yourself. It’s easy to do. As I said back in the introduction, you already know how to do it. When you do experience it, it will be like remembering and coming home... coming home to who you really are. And, it’s a supreme relief to get out of the conscious mind, out of time and into a state of wide awake presence. All stress falls away and becomes meaningless as you awaken to the absolute MAGIC of the present moment. If this state of the Observer is new to you, it might take a little effort at the beginning as we are all so used to interfacing with the world through our ego. But to know the Observer, you have to get out of the ego. You have to suspend the chatter of your conscious mind and enter a state of NO MIND.

The canadian spiritual teacher Echart Tolle beautifully teaches this connection in very simple
terms in the Power of NOW. It is not a state of sleep but quite the opposite: a state of
being fully awake, fully present in the moment, without the interpretation of the egoic conscious mind to muddy up the experience. Eastern mediation practices, which involve fixing your attention on the breath have been a reliable technique for achieving this ‘quiet mind’ state. But there are others and no one way that is ‘correct’. You may find one that works for you that is unique. But I'll share a very basic one here:

A Basic Connection Technique

Simply get comfortable and quiet and assure your uninterrupted privacy for a period of time. 20 minutes is sufficient, but longer, 30–45 minutes if possible is better. Begin by breathing slowly and noticing your breath. If you are beginning, you may want to work up to longer periods.

You might want to notice where the breath comes from. Who is doing the breathing?
Your mind with be making all kinds of noise but as you continue it should gradually settle down. Just observe it. Observe how the ego continually wants to make up a story. Observe how it wants to worry about what’s going to happen later that day or tomorrow. It is really quite entertaining in it’s silliness. Simply observe it’s chatter and love it into submission. After a period of time, the mind will quiet down, and you will be in that place of NO MIND and you will know and be the Observer.

As you continue to visit this space and practice it, you will notice a change in your daily life. You will become more present, you will discover a refreshing peace that is independent from outside circumstances, and you will notice synchronicity popping up, as you will align yourself with the Intelligence of the Universe. As you pay attention to it and trust it, you will create a life that is truly magical and miraculous. And you will know great Joy that has nothing to do with external things.

Final Thoughts

When I began writing this piece two days ago, I had no idea of what I wanted to express. I think that is a good thing, for it seems it expressed itself without my help. My thanks for your interest in reading up to this point. It is my prayer that whatever was communicated here helps lift you up and fills you with wonder of the magical experience we call life. And, I hope this assists to further connect you to the Source of All That Is, for that alone is where home and happiness is. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you.

And remember: If you are not having fun, you are missing the point!


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  2. I am happy you decided to share your blog.
    It was delightful reading. It's like being there with you. I have already read it twice .
    Once this morning while having coffee and once
    tonight. One of my favorite parts is the bulb that turned into Christmas lights :-) That was sooooo funny ! Glad ya'll made it safe & sound. Be well sweet souls and I send my blessings of love & light to you both.Thanks again for sharing & I am sure those that love you will feel the same. Namaste ~Patricia

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