Friday, April 8, 2011

Soul Defining Moments

For many people, due to the increase and speeding up of upsetting events of the last few years, it may seem easier to get through these days by 'putting the blinders on'. However, we need to realize: that is a choice in itself that perpetuates and contributes to the escalation of the problems of the world in it's present state.

The so-called 'authorities' of this world would have us believe that there is nothing that we can do on an individual level to change the way things are. This is a fundamental lie. We all are co-creators of it, and we contribute to the creation of it, moment by moment.

The real power of change is within each one of us, at the basic level of choice. We choose the values we wish to support on an inner level and the external world reflects back to us what the collective consciousness is 'putting out there.' Forget politics, that is a dog and pony show to distract you from the real point of power. There is no political party on the face of the earth that will change the psychopathic, suicidal course we are currently on, for left and right are two sides of the same coin. It guarantees continuation of the present paradigm.

Simply CHOOSE... something better!

Know that conformity and acquiessence to the 'status quo' is also a deliberate choice for continuing the present paradigm of death, destruction and exploitation via the rule of the criminally insane.

But they only can rule the dumb and clueless... those who blindly follow the path laid before them. We are in a time where it is IMPERATIVE that we each choose which energies we wish to align with or we simply will not have a future that any of us will want to live in. Someone else coined the phrase that these are 'soul defining moments.' I agree.

I employ everyone reading this to make your own personal choice, in whatever form you feel best suits you. It may warrant some action, or it may not. But it has eternal significance, whatever it is.

I, for one, choose life, health, sanity and peace.

Here is another man, Benjamin Fulford, who has made his choice:

What do YOU choose?

In Peace;


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