Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the real & the unreal

by Jack Crompton – 5/2/2011

Note of Acknowledgement: While the ideas I express here have been seeded by many others, the following article is particularly inspired by the ideas expressed by Arthur and Fiona Cristian and their material on the LoveForLife.com.au website; in particular, this article. I am indebted to this courageous and gifted couple for their insights and articulation on this theme, which has deepened my own understanding. I wish to also acknowledge the insights of Stephan Molineaux, Rob Hay, Mary Croft and George Kavassilas in contributing major pieces of clarity to my present understanding.

Disclaimer: What I write here are only my own observations of the nature of life on Planet Earth, at this point in time. Although I am secure in that which I write here has been shown to bentrue to me personally, in no way do I claim to speak any ultimate truth, nor do I intend to lay any kind of dogma on anyone else. I simply offer these musings with the genuine intention that they may stimulate thought or discussion with others that may be of mutual benefit and clarity of perception for us all.

I invite you to read with an open mind and come to your own conclusions.

1) The Real and the Unreal

As men and women upon the earth, there are two realms we currently exist in. We can describe these two realms as the extremes of polar opposites. One is of the Original Divine Creation (LIFE) and is alive with the pulsating lifeforce that drives all of Creation. We may call this realm the 'REAL WORLD'.

Opposite of the real world is the 'UNREAL WORLD', or that which is 'artificial' in it's most fundamental nature. This artificial world is 'DEAD,' for it has no life it it... it is an imitation copy of life, but it has no true life in and of itself. The unreal is the creation of mind and ego, although there is indeed a counterfeit 'master intelligence' behind it's inception.

I've come to the conclusion that the proper understanding of the difference between these two energies is the KEY to comprehending life on earth, and our role in the GRAND DESIGN.

Characteristics of the Polarity

The characteristics of that which is 'real' are obvious: freedom, love, creativity, abundance, health, well-being, co-operation, compassion, giving and allowance.

The characteristics of that which is 'unreal' are equally obvious: control, restriction, fear, hate, greed, aggression, exploitation, competition, a lack of compassion, hoarding and forcing of one's will upon another.

It should not be difficult to see which of these two worlds currently is the dominant influence in our day to day lives.

2) The Real (Natural) World

Men and women upon the Earth are inherently part of the Original Creation (LIFE), along with everything else we can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel in the natural world. Our existence was not manufactured artificially, but came into being through a brilliant combination of biological processes that far exceed our own minds to comprehend. We have been brought forth as part of a GRAND DESIGN, that includes many other beings and life forms, all which live and grow in synergistic balance.

The real world is an amazingly beautiful place of balance, complexity and synergy. It's repeating cycles of life fuel the creation to continually expand, and grow in infinite varieties of expression. The physical world is only one of many aspects of this Creation that we exist within. This Universe is a vastly complex, intelligent, organic machine, and has Supreme Intelligence embedded within it, which is guiding it. Indeed, we are all individually an essential part of this organic machine itself, for it's operating system pulses through our veins.

The baseline characteristic of the Real Word is that it is inherently benevolent – meaning, it exists for the benefit of all life on it. It's fundamental operating system is one of WELL-BEING and the continuation and expansion of life. If this was not so, the real world would have self-destructed a long time ago.

The Real Gives Freely of Itself

All life in the real world that is running on this 'operating system' gives freely of it's own essence to those around it. An examination of how the natural world functions will bear out this truth. Life runs in cycles of birth, growth, productivity and eventual surrender to return to the earth and begin a new cycle. It is no different with animals or men and women. Within each one of us is this basic inherent human desire: to contribute in a positive way to those around us. We thrive and invariably feel the most satisfaction when we are contributing in a positive way to the world around us, in whatever myriad ways that we are best suited for. Although, for many of us, this desire has been deadened and replaced with one of the various 'replacement roles' the system of the 'unreal' has given to us.

The Real World is expansive rather than contractive. There is no counting (math) in the Real World, nor a need for names and labels; for in the realm of the real world, there is no time. All is ONE and all is simply NOW. Math, as well virtually all languages, sciences and technology is a CONstruct of the artificial; they only exist in the artificial realm where separation exists.

There is no judgment in the Real World, for all is truly ONE – all simply IS now and exists connected to, in balance with and in harmony with all other life. Judgment can only exist through the perception of separation that is the baseline fundamental characteristic of the artificial world of the unreal.

So, if the above is true, why are we not all living in a paradise?

3) The Artificial World

To properly understand the conditions of our life today, we need to understand a fundamental fact that has been deliberately hidden from us. It is not an easy thing to accept, but it is most definitely true, and once your eyes are open to it, you will perceive it within every nuance and activity of life on earth.

That fact is this: An artificial CONstruct of the real world has been overlayed onto the real world in order to usurp, control and enslave all life within it. This artificial CONstruct is a 'mirror copy' of the real world but it has no life of its own to sustain it, so it must be 'propped-up' with the life energy of real people for it to exist.

This is what we have all be indoctrinated to do since birth and this is what we call the matrix or the world system. It is we, the men and women who have been programmed to participate in the system, (collectively and individually) that sustain this artificial creation today.

Let me repeat that realization: It is we who sustain this artificial creation today.

The Usurper

Many people will readily acknowledge the existence of the polarities of light and dark in all their variations. However, few have come to realize that the 'systems' which we have been conditioned to accept as our 'normal' way of life (corporations, government, politics, schools, religions, entertainment media, the monetary system, etc.), are themselves totally devoid of life of their own. They are not real or living, for they are 'synthetic' intellectual 'constructs.' All of these constructs are parasitical in nature... they must get their 'energy' from real living men and women to exist.

It takes our compliance and participation to make them seem 'real'. In fact, they seem so real, that they have succeeded in enslaving over six billion people under their 'pseudo-authority'.

Think with me for a moment: Does a government talk, stand, sing or create anything that has it's origins in LIFE? Would we really suffer without it? (well, maybe those on the welfare dole would, until they accepted the self responsibility to contribute to society). Is it essential to our lives and will being? Can we see it... taste it... feel it... hear it? What about corporations, schools, banks, religions and the 'stock market'?

No, we only see 'dead' buildings, symbols and monuments that represent the ideas of these things. We can only sense the actions of other people who have assumed roles to act out the agendas of these artificial entities. These are all dead entities in themselves, simply lifeless thought-forms that have been created out of thin air to usurp the natural order of LIFE.

They have no substance in themselves other than that which we give them.

Without men and women to believe in them, populate them, and carry out tasks which make them function, these ideas simply do not exist in the real world. They have no connection to Original Creation and Divine origin... they are phantoms... illusions that need people to beLIEve in them in order for them to exist.

Realize this: We are ones supplying the POWER that makes this artificial, dead world operate.

4) The SYSTEM: Peeling the Onion

Lets break-down this CONstruct of an artificial world in more detail, so we can see it for what it is. By recognizing the truth of the web that has been spun around us, we can begin to consciously choose a better alternative. The fact is: these 'institutions' of the artificial world are contributing to making life on earth a hell for most people on the planet, not to mention really damaging the natural environment of the planet Earth itself.

Tell-tale Characteristic of the Unreal: Untruth

In the world of the unreal, everything is in fact backwards of what it purports to be:

Peace is presented to us as the necessity of continuous war; freedom is cloaked in a tight police-state style of enslavement (you are free as long as you do what the government or any of its agents tell you to do); health is taught to us as disease maintenance (through dependancy on 'big pharma'), and that which is declared as the truth are either outright lies and/or spin (a combination of truth, but 'spun' with a little disinformation to subvert the true fact).

Pseudo-Auhtority & Choice

Lets look at the concept of 'authority'. Today we have these various institutions which are all artificial CONstructs, which presume to have 'authority' over us – the living, breathing men and women who actually give them 'life'.

Tell me: who gave these dead institutions 'authority' over us? I know that I have never given my conscious consent for anyone or anything to rule over me... have you?

Now, religions and the royal families will tell you 'ALMIGHTY GOD' gave them the authority. If you believe that fairy tale, then you might as well stop reading and go back to sleep and be a good little slave. The Creator gave us a brain to use.

Those entities who would rule over us gain their supposed 'authority' over us simply through our passive compliance. It's indoctrinated programming, and this is the state of the world today (although it is now cracking at the seams). It is a world of very sophisticated mind-control technology that we live in today, as we collectively walk lock-step towards a state of transhumanism: a totally artificial, un-real existence, populated by artificial entities, and propelled along by the profit motive.

It isn't difficult to project the current trends. It is my opinion that if we do not individually and collectively wake up to the fact of this deception – and choose to live differently, by different 'rules' – that our future will become an absolute horror to live in.

Mind Control on Auto-Pilot

These 'pseudo-authorities' have gained their positions of control over us through covertly influencing the way we think and what we believe, so that we would create this world of the 'matrix'. From infancy, we are told 'the way it is' from our parents, siblings, peers and culture. We form our 'beliefs' based on this data, just as they all did, based upon what they were told. It is this matrix of beliefs, which has created the various governments, corporations, financial systems, religions, educational systems and media culture which have become the 'authorities' of this artificial world.

Fruits of the System

The Fruits of the System are self evident: economical and physical enslavement, control (the opposite of freedom), death, disease, pollution, chaos and scientific and biological abominations of nature in every shape and form.

Make no mistake: It is us – the flesh and blood men and women who voluntarily perform our little scripted functions in the system that are perpetuating atrocities all over the world on a continual automated basis: endless war, death, destruction, disease, starvation, etc. Meanwhile, the public is put to sleep, distracted by fairy tales propulgated by the controlled media.

The system has produced powerful artificial corporate entities such as the BIG PHARMA whose bottom line is profiteering off of human suffering and making sure people are dependent upon their products by eliminating the competition (natural healing remedies and effective healers and health practitioners). Oh, their drugs do relieve suffering on one level, but at the cost of economic enslavement and product dependency.

This is the system that has given us monstrosities such as the Monsanto Corporation which has systematically taken over the farming industry, replacing naturally replicating annual life-giving seeds, with genetically modified 'dead' seeds which need to be re-purchased every year so that they can reap profits exponentially. Most, if not all of the farms in the US, as well as many other parts of the world are being forced by law to buy these genetically modified seeds. It's forced the small farmer out of business, or course, all by design.

The recent events in Japan testify to the insanity of using nuclear energy for electrical power, much less building these reactors on known fault lines. I could fill many pages with examples of the utter stupidity of what this system is doing and how it runs contrary to the well-being of the people and the planet, but I trust that my point is made.

5) The Trick of 'Re-presenting' Man

Present - to be fully aware and conscious, now.

Re-present - to present again, taking on an assumed role.

Artificial Identity

The 'System' is this matrix of artificial entities, which all have artificial identities, and it permeates all that people do in the world.

For instance, one of the first things people ask when meeting someone new is 'what do you do'? Most people will answer without thinking and parrot their chosen career role which the system has labelled for us. We are so conditioned that the belief we have about ourselves, as well as what others think of us, is confined to a tight little box, which means it is controllable.

The system is all pervasive and the diabolical brilliance of it's imposition and evidence of this fact is overwhelming once you start to question what things are and what they are for. But most people are lost in their conditioning and it is not difficult to see why. From childhood, we are groomed for a conforming functional slot in the matrix. This is not who we really are, which is a being of unlimited potential, a Creator, but a fictitous identity that we are re-presenting ourselves to be.

Birth Certificate: Deed To Your Body

Since around 1920, the system has created a little artificial corporate entity for each baby born into the world and called it a name, a 'person,' spelled in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and has (under the guise of census) conned the mother of the infant to offer the 'State' an Application for Birth Certificate, which the State of course accepts, and this document becomes, in fact, the DEED to that living babies' economic output for life which the state assumes ownership of. In fact, the original birth certificate document is traded on the worldwide stock market to create funds for governments by the 'money-powers'. This is how the matrix has been built over most of the last century: money created out of thin air based upon fraudulent presumption of ownership of the 'principle' (human energy).

All through our entire lives we are 'identified' by this corporate fiction. (passports, social security cards, driver licenses, photo IDs, etc.) Don't believe me? Look at anything you get from a government entity or a public utility and you will see it is true, for the unreal world cannot interface with the real world – they must con men and women into re-presenting themselves as artificial entities, whereby they can then affect absolute control over us, for the artificial corporate entity is indeed one of their own.

Education / Indoctrination

Think about it: as soon as one can walk and talk we are programmed into the system through the home, our peers, the church and schools. We are told what to believe, and are systematically conditioned to fit into a pre-scripted role in the matrix. The educational system doesn't encourage critical thinking but instead strongly encourages and rewards conformity – as does religion and the world of commerce.

Conform, or Not Conform - That is the Question

Actually, William Shakespear revealed a powerful truth in his famous 'To Be, or Not To Be' quote. They key to health and well-being lies in BEING, which can only be realized by living the the present moment, not in an artificial, unreality. For one to have a chance of escaping the soul-draining matrix of the system, and continuing to be a participating co-perpetrator of all of it's horrors, we must begin by, not only daring to not conform to societal 'norms', but to fully BE OURSELVES, which means reconnecting fully with our Source.

Media Mind Manipulation

But escaping the matrix's influence is not so easy, for our minds are continually and powerfully influenced on many levels by many applications of the systems technologies. The media is so powerful at thought manipulation that it is a piece of cake to implant certain beliefs into the popular 'hive' culture. For most people, their entire view of reality is a manufactured one, courtesy of the controlled media of the system.

Very few people have truly original thoughts, based on their own thoughtful introspective conclusions, drawn on their unique personal experiences. Only those few individuals who have had the courage to take 'the path less travelled by' and deliberately cut themselves off from the programming propaganda have a chance of seeing with any clarity, so powerful is the consensus thought-forms and the technology used to disseminate them.

Popular culture is a major conformist machine (even by providing an assortment of non-conformist artists and celebrities for you to identify with). You are either adopt one of those myriad identities sanctioned as 'cool' and 'ok' or you are on the outside of all social acceptance. Those that do not conform to these various 'cultural norms' are either ridiculed as 'uncool', considered 'fringe lunatics', or worse: terrorists (the favorite catch-phrase of our times).

Indeed, if you do not conform at least somewhat, your very physical survival is questionable, for the system demands a certain measure of compliance for the bare necessities of life. (Tell me – how long would you live without using money?)

What comprises the world system today is a conglomeration of thought-forms or 'identities' which we are all encouraged to embody and re-present ourselves as. It doesn't matter to the architects of control which identity we choose, as long as it is one which they can have influence over so they can steer the whole ball of wax towards their desired end: which is a single totalitarian, synthetic culture of artificial everything, including us.

What they do not want is people thinking for themselves outside of the box of predetermined thought-forms, yet that is our birthright as children of the Divine Creator, for we possess within our very DNA this energy to create. True creation requires total freedom, or it becomes another manifestation of the coersion of the artificial world. In the divine Creation, our creative potential knows no limits or controls, as it follows the axiom of 'do no harm.'


The artificial world requires the destruction of the real world, in order to impose itself upon it (us). Trees and other natural elements are destroyed and/or transmuted in order to CONstruct this artificial world with all its impressive structures of governmental and religious architecture, temples, monuments and the corporate world of office buildings, and cookie-cutter commercial franchises and housing projects.

The corporate state creates billions of (mostly useless) 'consumer products' in order to hook our attention, enslave us and imprint our minds with beliefs of their supposed 'necessity'... but none of these things have LIFE in them. They are all dead matter.

The War Machine

Most everyone will say that they want peace on Earth, but the hard truth is: there can never be peace in the unreal world. For the military-industrial complex, which fuels the global economy, thrives on endless wars. It's simply business, based upon the profit motive. Our monetary system depends on the creation of endless wars for it's very survival. And numerous large corporations (like General Electric, British Petroleum, Standard Oil, Raytheon, MacDonnel/Douglas, Boening, Halliburton, and of course, Wall Street) profit off of it.

You see, they must destroy life so their corporations can come in afterwards and rebuild their artificial CONstructs and profit off the reconstruction, while creating a new political structure that moves their ultimate agenda forward. If there was global peace, the world financial systems would all crash, so dependent are they on the war machine.

As long as maximizing profits remains the 'carrot' of prime motivation on this planet, there can never be peace on earth. It simply doesn't fit the commerce-for-profit model.

The System must be enFORCED

The obvious giveaway that this unreal world is an abberation of the Divine Creation is that it's compliance must be enforced. A tagline for this artificial world might as well read, 'Might makes Right', for that is exactly how their world operates: the stronger force their will on the weaker. This is equally true for both individuals and institutions and it has worked this way throughout our history.

Take a broad look at the system today... it is enFORCED upon people by jack-booted thugs-for-hire, weilding machine-guns and taser weapons to force the will of 'the system' upon people: You MUST BE IN COMPLIANCE is the mantra! This is totally in direct contrast to the free will nature of the Divine Creation. Everything in nature thrives in a state of freedom.

In the case of corporations and businesses, the wealthier larger corporations end up buying up smaller businesses, and owning them... thereby controlling what they do. See how long you continue to have a 'job' if you decide to do something that conflicts with the corporate heirarchy or express an opinion that is 'politically incorrect'.

The Power of Media

This is also how the worldwide 'mainstream' media system works (newspapers, magazines, radios stations, tv stations, film conglomerates and online entities). Sad to say, most people get their 'truth' from what the TV, or any of the other controlled media tells them.

Fact: Six Zionist individuals determine what is broadcast globally on TV, radio and newspapers as 'the truth' of what's happening in the world. They own 97% of the worldwide media, having systematically purchased up the entire worldwide grid of news media. It's a definitive monopoly. These people all share a common globalist agenda. Anything that directly conflicts with what they want people to believe will either be ignored, ridiculed or 'spun' to be presented in a negative light. By controlling the 'spin' of events, they thereby manipulate popular opinion and beliefs, and step-by-step manipulate the world to evolve into the anti-life totalitarian state it has now become.

The only area this is not totally under control today is the internet, but they are working hard to control that as well. Currently, the internet is still a censor-free environment in which all information is available for people to sift through and make up their own minds about. This has rapidly raised the consciousness of the planet, for the truth can be discerned by those who have enough interest to research a given topic and 'connect the dots'.

However, as it exists, agents of the unreal world deliberately seed disinformation among the true information (known as COINTELPRO) to confuse, obfuscate and help to create dissension among 'truth-seekers'. This is another tell-tale characteristic of the dark side: confusion over clarity. It's also how religions work. This serves to divide people by stirring up dissention and difference of opinion. Whenever people begin to think in terms that run contrary to the Agenda of the system, the strategy applied is mostly 'divide and conquer', and unfortunately, it has worked very well.

Agents of the System

Those individuals who have displayed characteristics that are congruent with the energies of the dark polarity (dominance, aggression, greed, competition, lust for power and imposition of its will on others) are eventually elevated to the positions of power in this artificial world system, for it thrives on these same qualities, which are not only encouraged, but handsomely rewarded. Just look at the major players in government, banking and most all corporate industries. Because the motivation that drives these people is so plain to see, they become easily controlled 'minions' of the system, and they assure the continuation of the 'agenda'.

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

So, we are born into a world that has been usurped by a powerful consciousness that created an artificial world of it's own design and has imposed this reality onto the original Divine Creation. This story has been told in many religions and cultures and most will know this conscious entity by various names such as: Lucifer, Satan, Molech, Baal or simply, the 'Demiurge'.

Others claim that the architects of this system are not of this world at all but an alien species which has has been overseeing our 'soul evolution' and exploiting our energy for eons of time from a higher dimension, much like mankind exploits the animals and earth today for our own purposes. Whatever the name, the energy is the same: He is universally known as the 'father of lies.' And his artificial world of the unreal runs directly contrary to Divine purpose and principles.

We are not promoting any specific religion or worldview here, but to communicate we need to adopt a name for this counter-life energy, and so we will call it Satan, and his system is a 'satanic', or mirror-image system that runs contrary to the Divine Creation in every way... indeed, it is a mirror copy, a reflection... only devoid of life, and upside-down. It's most basic characteristic is that of deception and lies. Aptly describes our recent succession of US presidents and other politicians, does it not?

The 'Celestial Error'

We all know the biblical account of the fallen angels, etc. There is another version of this tale that speaks of a highly evolved entity (angel?) which wished to speak directly to the Divine Creator. Although Creation was perfect and magnificent, he thought he could offer some worthwhile suggestions to make it better.

But the Creator, being happy with it's creation, wouldn't 'talk' with him and this frustrated this entity. So obsessed was this entity with having a conversation with the Creator, that the only thing he thought he could do to get God's attention was to behave like a child and throw a tantrum. So, he decided to try to destroy the Creation, and himself with it. In doing so, he created his own world (a mirror, or reflection of the original), but by his destructive actions, he cut himself off from the divine flow of life. And so, he has carefully manipulated an artificial world where other beings, who are themselves connected to the Divine Source of Life are tricked into sustaining his unreal world for his own purposes.

It is this artificial creation we are living within on this planet. Those men and women who have a good clear connection with their Divine Source will know this to be true for it is so very evident all around us, although most of us seem to prefer to live in denial.

The simple test to determine what is of the Divine Source and what is of the Imposter is to ask if it is directly connected to the natural world (and LIFE) or not? It's really not complicated. You see, it is this imposter's alphabet languages, mathematics, religions, banks, governments, schools, corporations, military, and various other thought-form CONstructs that we have all been living within and trained to give our life's energy to sustain their existence all of our lives.

But we don't have to – without our compliance, its all a 'house of cards' without substance. Like the wizard behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz, there is just a weak manipulator there with no real power of his own.

The Illusion of Fairness and Free Choice

So, the architects of the system hold all the keys and monitor all the doors and exits of their system. But they have to create the appearance (illusion) of this world being a level playing field. So, they indoctrinate us with various beLIEfs that cause us to view these CONstructs as 'good', which is the opposite of the truth. And, they give us the left/right polarized political paradigm in which they can control both sides of the game completely... insuring the desired ultimate outcome.

How do they accomplish this? It's simple when you control the lifeblood of the artificial system: money.

Money: Artificial Blood for an Unreal World

It is money that makes 'the corpse' move. Money itself is simply a belief that someone made up and the rest of us went along with. More accurately, we've been indoctrinated to go along with it. The monetary system we have in place today is an amazing fraud to anyone who has bothered to examine and understand it. It's based on nothing but a combination of beLIEf and the unconscious economic output of people who are living in ignorance of the truth.

The system uses a form of slavery to impose it's agenda: economic slavery, through the imposition of the financial systems. The slaves are us, and we number in the billions. And the slave-owners (The Vatican, the Royal Family, and the House of Rothchild and their worldwide network of banking empires) number very few. Money only exists for the purpose of slavery. It has no other function than to be a mechanism for separating the haves from the have-nots and for controlling people.

Two Worlds

As noted at the outset, we have two worlds we are existing within. There is the real world of aware, present-in-the-moment men and women, living in balance and harmony with nature, the earth and with each other. This world is powered and perpetuated by the life force of the original Divine Creator.

Then there is the artificial world of currency, insurance, commerce, laws, governments, rulers, military, law-enforcement pseudo-authorities, etc, which do not really exist (except as ideas), but require man to re-present themselves into minions of a false, artificial creation, for the false world could not exist without being populated by real flesh-and-blood people.

This re-presenting mechanism is important to understand. You see, the real power is in men and women. The usurper has cleverly diverted that energy that flows through us to empower it's own false creation. He does this by getting us to re-present ourselves into these various roles in his artificial satanic drama.

'Career Paths' all lead to the same objective: slavery. We are trained to trade our life's energy for money. We become bankers, lawyers, stock-brokers, salesmen, policemen, doctors, teachers, students, computer technicians, store clerks... whatever... for the sake of establishing a career which enables us to participate in commerce by which we earn money which we have all become brainwashed to believe is necessary for our survival.

Guess what: it's not.

When we fall for this re-presenting fraud, we are no longer our most authentic selves functioning with unlimited potential with a desire to contribute positively to the world but have given ourselves over to a pre-scripted role that primarily benefits no-one but those at the top of artificial world pyramid and their satanic agenda. And that agenda is basically what is now in our faces: an inbalanced, brutally violent, destructive, fear-saturated, dysfunctional and chaotic environment for everyone.

The Corporation: Birth of 'Limited Liability'

The idea of the corporation is the perfect metaphor for this satanic world system, for it is a graphic example of what the system is in essence: a fiction. The Corporation is simply an idea of fiction, a thought-form. As such, it has no life of it's own and is artificial in its fundamental nature.

The defining characteristic of the corporation is that it has what is called 'limited liability' – meaning, it assumes no responsibility for it's actions. How can it? It's artificial, its a fiction. It requires people to make decisions for it and to make things happen in the real world.

A Corporation entity can do whatever it wishes to without assuming any responsibility for its actions. Oh, there maybe lawsuits against the corporation for damage done to someone, but no man is going stand up and say, 'I'm responsible for the actions of 'XYZ, incorporated' and be accountable. For the two entities: the fiction corporation and the man, are like oil and water – the two do not mix.

Today, the entire world is ruled by corporations. They rule the world of commerce, as well as the political world, for governments are all corporations in their basic structure. Is it any wonder why corruption and scandals are now the 'normal' functioning of business and politics? There is no one taking personal responsibility for their actions... it's all avoided by hiding behind the fiction of limited liability... the UNREAL CONstruct.

I wonder how people's choices of what they did in the world would change if each of us was made to be directly responsible for our actions and the harm that is done to others?

6) Solution: Do No Harm

Some may argue that human nature is so debased that we NEED these artificial constructs in place to provide some kind of order in society. This is the main theme propulgated by the major religions, many of which describe man as being inherently flawed or born into 'sin'. And this is the main theme that has been driving the globalist agenda to create a 'New World Order'.

I disagree with this asssessment. VERY few people that I've met in my life I would describe as inherently 'evil'. Most people, in my experience, want to do good for others and co-operate with others to make this a better world. When they don't, it seems mostly an unconscious act of unawareness, rather than an act of deliberate malevolence. Pschopathic evil-doers do indeed exist, but they are a small minority.

Abundance is the Nature of Divine Creation

Scarcity is a manipulated lie of the artificial creation. Indeed, today, scarcity is engineered to a high science in the unreal world. The economies of this world are carefully monitored and manipulated to be exactly what they are: unbalanced, unstable and chaotic. This serves the ruling elite on this planet to maintain their control and move towards their ultimate objective of a world government.

The truth is there is enough abundance in this world that would create a paradise on earth where no one would go hungry, or be without basic comforts and necessities. Without the artificial CONstruct of money, mankind would be freed from the drudgery of poverty to create innovations without limits. Technology for free energy (Tesla) has existed for more than sixty years. But oil, although heavily polluting, holds the current global control structure together due to the carefully manipulated dependency upon it.

Without money, there is no motive to exploit your neighbor, for everyone has enough of whatever it is they could want. Men and women would be freed to be fully who they really are, and focus on using and sharing their unique gifts to benefit the whole of humanity. Of course, this would require co-operation and fair exchanges between people, but it's not hard to see that, once put in practice under the one agreed-upon principle of 'do-no-harm', it would create a wonderful world for all of us to live in and it could become the preferred paradigm for life on Earth if enough of us choose it.

'Do No Harm'

The phrase, 'Do No Harm' is simple enough for anyone to comprehend, and if it were to be put into practice, its power to transform life on earth would be powerfully potent. If humanity simply agreed to this one principle by which all activity on the planet would be governed, life on earth would transform for the better at lightening speed. In practical application, it is an alternative way of expressing the famous 'golden rule', that has been attributed to Jesus Christ: 'Do unto others what you would like done to yourself.'

What would this world look like if churches, governments, military armies, corporations, and all of the people who populate those entities simply chose to live and function under the 'do no harm' mantra? Something to think about. However, we each are only responsible for ourselves and what we choose to do individually. But that world will come someday as more individuals dare to imagine it, and determine to live according to the 'do no harm' ethic.

7) Closing Thoughts

Given a clear look at how convoluted 'the game' is, it might be difficult to believe that there is a way out of participating in the soul-draining, artificial satanic system which is clearly counter all that consitutes well-being. Since it is nearly impossible to totally exist without money in the present world, we may feel forced to compromise to a certain extent to just survive. There are many of us that see the evil... and we don't like what we are doing, but we rationalize that we 'have no choice'.

But is that really true?

Free-Will Universe

The truth is we always have choices. This is a free-will universe. That's the basic 'ground rule' that everyone plays by. We choose where to live; we choose what we believe to be true; who we become friends with; who we listen to; who we don't listen to; what we read; and what we do during the moments that make up our day.

We choose to comply with the imposter system of the artificial world, or we can choose not to and embrace true reality. Granted, that may put ourselves in harms way (the system doesn't like losing it's slaves), but if fewer of us complied with the system, it would not be able to sustain itself, for it needs us to live. As things are now deteriorating to such an obvious degree, it is becoming harder to compromise, as the truth of what this is all about stares us increasingly in our face.

So, ultimately, it becomes a personal choice of how we direct our life's energy. It's got to go somewhere, but we live in a free-will universe and we can choose to live our lives according to the ethics of well-being, instead of those of an artificial creation that is perverse and destructive in the extreme.

Getting Rid of the Baggage

I suggest that, yes, it is totally possible to choose to live our lives by life affirming principles rather than by life-destroying principles and to not contribute to the strengthening of this artificial world of illusion.

It begins by unplugging from the system as much as is possible: We can simply walk away from the madness, and start proactively recreating our lives to be based on the true REALITY by joining with others and creating conscious intentional communities that are based on the DO NO HARM principle.

To acheive this, it is necessary to stop filling our heads full of the programming lies and distractions of the monopoly Media – they will never tell you the truth – their entire purpose is to be a distraction. One can gain a whole lot of clear perception and insight by unplugging or throwing out the television. It's possible to stop reading the newspapers and listening to the radio as if it is telling you the truth about anything... it's not. They spin everything towards politically manipulated objectives.

Remember, the system is dedicated to perpetuating the LIE. So, one thing we can do is simply stop listening to the propaganda, and make a firm commitment to strip ourselves of the 'baggage of untruth'.

Once we have divested ourselves of the needless baggage of distractions coming from the artificial creation, we can begin to consciously reconnect with Source and recreate our lives to be in harmony with the original Divine Creation. That may require making some changes in how we live our daily lives (it did for me), or it may not. Everyone must find their own path in terms of the details. But what is essential is that our primary motivation for living make a fundamental shift from one of personal self-preservation survival and self-serving interests to a solid commitment to that which will eventually benefit all life everywhere.

The Power of Choice

When one is standing on a railway track, it's not hard to see a freight train coming and predict the outcome: We can follow the established pathway of the world system and experience the consequences that we helped create through our passive compliance. Or we can consciously choose something proactively healthier.

Certainly, actively resisting and fighting against the artificial creation will do nothing but serve to further empower it. As we said, they hold all the keys to their system and it will not be brought down by force. Indeed, the system THRIVES on the use of force. It would LOVE to stimulate a violent revolution, so that it can use it's military might to stomp it out. But only the spiritually weak use force to impose their will on others.

But here's the important thing to understand: we really don't have to participate in the unreal world, except perhaps minimally for our physical survival. We can simply walk away from all that is false and unreal. We have that right given to us by the Creator (free-will).

Two years ago, my wife and I did exactly that, and we did it for very clear ethical reasons. We did not want to support 'the Beast' with our energy, even if it was indirectly. We moved to a small mountain community in South America and it's been amazing to discover how little we need money in order to live well. Food here is cheap and grows out of the ground year round. Water is plentiful and pure. And we live among people with whom we have developed clean, mutually beneficial and respectful relationships.

Best of all, I feel my life's energy is not usurped to empower that which I see as purely evil, exploitive and destructive. Consequently, I sleep very well at night.

Now, I'm not suggesting that anyone follow our footsteps. But if you are seeing any truth in this essay, it might be beneficial to examine what you could do to channel your own energy towards your own truth. Yes, there are alternatives to the consumer madness lifestyle that is so heavily promoted in the affluent nations of the world, if one sets the intention of creating them.

The 'Solution' is a New Way of 'Being'

The only solution that makes sense to me is to individually withdraw the power and energy of our life-force away from empowering the system and 'channel' it back to the real world, where it belongs. Indeed, we can create a way of 'being' that is founded on the principles that sustain the real world: real relationships built on mutual trust, respect, mutually beneficial exchanges of services and value; where we can live close to nature with respect for the Earth, and 'do no harm' to others as well as the planet. It's possible to create a world where we learn to accept each other without judgment and live the 'law of allowance' that provides the framework by which we discover our own truths and grow accordingly.

It's been said that wide is the way that leads to destruction and the way that leads to life is narrow, and few there be that find it. I guess that is simply the way it is at this point in the evolution of souls on this planet. The 'status-quo' will always lead us to hell, as it's doing at the moment, full speed ahead. Somehow, I have an intuitive knowing that we all make it through eventually, although we may individually be on diffferent timelines of learning.

We each have our own choice to make as to which master we will serve.

But I'm personally resolute in my own choice. Honestly, I am very tired of the unreal world where everything is upside-down and backwards. I'm tired of seeing fraud accepted as legitimacy. I'm tired of seeing perpetual lies paraded as' the truth'. I'm tired of war being promoted as the way to peace. I'm tired of seeing the beautiful earth polluted, poisoned, exploited and destoyed for control and corporate profits. I'm tired of seeing all that is natural and good perverted and co-opted for evil purposes. I'm tired of this artificial parasite that feeds off and exploits the creative energy of good men and women for its own life-destroying objectives. I'm tired of seeing men and women of the lowest and most debased character rise to the top positions of pseudo-authority in the global heirarchy, while truly brilliant men and women of good heart and noble character are one-by-one assassinated, or ridiculed, and publically humiliated and otherwise sabotaged.

So, I choose to go the narrow road, for it is the only sane, rational thing to do. I choose to use my creative energy for sharing the Truth, as best as I understand it, for creating well-being and an atmosphere of 'live and let live' with those whom I interact. I do this for myself, for my children and grandchildren, for others, and for all other life on this planet.

Jack Crompton

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